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3Player and MLG.TV launches for Xbox One owners in Ireland

Today, Xbox One owners located in Ireland received two new apps to try out. The first being MLG.TV, an app which allows you to watch live competitive MLG content on your Xbox One such as from popular MLG streamers as well as MLG events and tournaments. The App was already available in multiple markets but not in Ireland, however that has changed today Xbox One.

The second app is the 3Player and this one is exclusive to Xbox One owners in Ireland. It was already available on Xbox 360. This app allows you catch up with programming broadcasted on TV3 Ireland and 3e including Broadchurch, Tonight with Vincent Browne, Xposé, Family Guy, new popular Irish soap ‘Red Rock’ as well as loads more. You can sign into your 3Player Account as well as manage your favourites. The app also has the ability to pin TV shows to your Xbox One screen. Kinect is fully integrated with voice and gesture support. The app is totally free to all Xbox One owners in Ireland supported with in-app advertisements when watching programmes. TV3 are the first to launch their catch-up TV service on the Xbox One and hopefully RTÉ and UTV Ireland are soon to follow. It’s great to see TV3 are pushing forward onto modern platforms such as Xbox One. RTÉ Player is currently available on Xbox 360.

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