Announcing Rectify Gaming Patreon.

Announcing Rectify Gaming Patreon.

We are thrilled to announce our Patreon. We at Rectify Gaming want to raise money to help us grow further with new equipment, help our website get even better, help our tournaments get more competitive with bigger prizes and more importantly help our future eSports teams.

Our goals with Patreon:

1. This will help with future tournament prizes.

2.  If we hit $300 for at least one month we will giveaway an Xbox One and if you are a donator we will make sure you have more of a chance than someone who didn’t donate that enters the giveaway.
3. This will help our studio upgrade to new equipment such as having multiple cameras, microphones, and more.

4.  This will help our iOS and Android apps develop faster.

5. If we hit at least $60 we will giveaway an Xbox One, PS4 or Nintendo Switch game that is up to our followers.

Below overview from our Patreon page. 

Here at Rectify Gaming we like to have fun when it comes to live streaming, doing game nights, events, and live podcasts. So we want you to be apart of that. No matter what you donate you’ll have first access for our game nights, you’ll get a shout on our podcasts, higher chance at giveaways, and you’ll be featured on our Twitch panels below the stream with your twitter handle if you’d like that.

This team has been alive for 3 years and will continue to be alive for years to come. With any donation we will use it towards the backend to our website, toward our studio equipment, better, bigger giveaways, and it will help all our apps get out faster.

With the more Patrons we get the more greatness will come. We hope this can help us expand to having a big presence at events whether it’s a booth to host tournaments or to help our eSports team with going to future tournaments.

We will have a video on this coming within the next few weeks.

Any donation amount will help and we thank you for your support. 


Owner and founder of Rectify Gaming.

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