Aribter teased in latest Killer Instinct Season 3 short clip.



UPDATE: They have released a brand new Killer Instinct Arbiter trailer giving us a look at to what a fight will be like on his stage and what his special attacks are.  Check it out:

So, lately we have been starting to see Microsoft  exclusives collide with another game like Rocket league. With Sunset Overdrive, Halo, and Gears getting special cars. Now, this one is interesting, the Killer Instinct team put up a 18 second teaser video titled “Halo & Killer Instinct Season 3 Tease”. Now, we do not officially know the level that will come with this DLC but we can almost guess a small part of sanghelios. We can already tell that it’s going to be the Arbiter representing Halo but we don’t know if there will be more to come.

Funny how this emerges as there are 2 big tournaments with both games. Halo at X Games and Killer Instinct World Cup at PAX South.

Stay tuned for more info.

 Watch the video here:

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