The physical vs digital gaming tug of war

Physical cartridges have been a staple of my gaming life. I can remember being a kid and getting so excited to check out the box art when going through my Toys R’ Us. Being a child of the 80’s meant no internet, and a lot of leg work if you were interested in a game. Trade in’s weren’t a thing yet, so spending $39 and 49$ meant the world. I can remember having to make tough...[Read More]

My time with Ghost Recon: Wildlands Beta

Beta’s are meant as a testing ground for not only the player, but the developer. In my recent experience with Ghost Recon: Wildlands I was able to get a first hand look at a game that has some strengths, and quite a few weaknesses. The Overview Bolivia is known for being a hot bed for cocaine, and is supported by the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel with operations spread across the entire country. ...[Read More]

How Nintendo caused me to Switch

The Nintendo Switch has been a point of controversy for the better of a month. Since its preview event January 12th, the sides are clear you are either for or against it. That evening a mist all of the talk of low graphics, battery life, and not enough launch lineups; I did it, I preordered. When it comes to new tech, I am the whale. I am the person who doesn’t mind being the tip of the swor...[Read More]

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