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I've been playing games for as many of my 33 years as I can remember. I'm mainly a PC Gamer, but I've gotten into Xbox and Playstation lately as well. My Steam, Xbox, and Playstation tags are Fejerro, and I'm on Twitter as @Adam_Ferrero.

Great Couples in Gaming for Valentine’s Day

Great Couples in Gaming for Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day is a day of mixed emotions. For some, it’s a day to celebrate the richest relationships in our lives, while others bitterly resent those so lucky. Still, for those without a special someone, it can be a day of optimism and hope. Many will take in a sappy RomCom, or their favorite love novel. But in the past 10-15 years, ...[Read More]

Where Are All the Xbox Exclusives?

Earlier this month gamers awoke to strongly credible rumors regarding the cancellation of the highly-anticipated title Scalebound, rumors that shortly after proved to be true. Scalebound, an Xbox One exclusive title, had been in development for several years, first announced at E3 2014. A trailer and gameplay demo at E3 2016 served to generate significant excitement for the once promising title, a...[Read More]

Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition Review

Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition Review The updated version of the 2015 critically-acclaimed hit adds to what was done right and fixes what was done wrong. I was in the audience at E3 2014 when Ori and the Blind Forest was first unveiled. I remember the feeling of awe I had at that minute and a half trailer, hearing the music and seeing those beautiful visuals for the first time. Ori a...[Read More]

Single Player vs. Multiplayer: Why Single Player is Superior

Election season has arrived in the United States, and with it the overwhelming darkness at the prospect of choosing between the lesser of two evils. That’s why at Rectify Gaming, we’re proud to take people’s minds off the horrors of the coming November and cover the far superior world of video games. Like politics, gaming is largely split into two camps – the multiplayers and the single players. A...[Read More]

I’m Mad as Hell at Valve and You Should Be Too

I’m Mad as Hell at Valve and You Should Be Too I’d like to share with you something I wrote back in 2009. This is a 100% genuine Facebook status from seven years ago, and has not been artificially created or modified in any way: Since that revelation that did not take place, I have had two kids, changed jobs three times, moved twice, sold a truck, bought a car, traded in that car, totaled the car ...[Read More]

E3 2016 Opinion: Ghost Recon Wildlands has a Major Plot Problem

E3 2016 Opinion: Ghost Recon Wildlands has a Major Plot Problem “I’ve always felt that the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’” -President Ronald Reagan, 1986. Ghost Recon: Wildlands was unveiled as the big last reveal at the Ubisoft E3 2015 conference, then was the first game to open the 2016 conference. P...[Read More]

E3 2016 in Pictures

E3 2016 in Pictures 2016 was Rectify Gaming’s first trip to E3, and it was an awesome experience. Since E3 is a trade only event, the doors are closed to the public, and we had no idea what to expect for our first time. We took plenty of pictures of the booths, the games, the exhibits, and we’re posting them here so you can get an inside look at E3 2016.

E3 2016: Xbox, Ubisoft, and Sony Conference Impressions

E3 2016: Xbox, Ubisoft, and Sony Conference Impressions The Monday before E3 features press conferences from some of the biggest names in gaming. Xbox, Ubisoft, and Sony all had 90-120 minute presentations, showing off everything coming in the next couple of years. Rectify Gaming was there at all three. Here’s what I thought: Xbox Some of the biggest news of the Xbox conference centered around har...[Read More]

E3 Day -1 Thoughts and Impressions

E3 is the biggest gaming event of the year, and is only getting bigger. The big media conferences, once restricted to the Monday before E3, have now bleed into Sunday, resulting in what some call E3 Day -1. This year’s Day -1 featured conferences from EA and Bethesda. EA has been a mainstay of E3 for a long time, but Bethesda only started hosting a major event last year, but certain impressed. Maj...[Read More]

The Hype and Cynicism of E3

E3 is coming up fast, and with it comes the annual parade of pomp and circumstance, which has grown steadily since the dearth of the late 2000s. This year, there will not only be press conferences from Xbox, Nintendo, EA, and Sony, but also Bethesda, PC Gamer, and Ubisoft. E3 is a time of game trailers, new game reveals, release dates, demos, giveaways, excitement, and hype, hype, hype. For many g...[Read More]

Is a 99 Cent Game Worth Your Time?

Nine months ago, there were over 6,000 games on Steam. Crowdfunding, indie development, and Steam Greenlight have led the charge for every one-man game studio to find their way to the computer of every Steam user. Many of these smaller titles are in the lower price range (excluding the free-to-play titles), setting players back $5, $3, or sometimes a mere $.99. It’s enough to make an early 90’s ki...[Read More]

Kickstarter Watch 4/21/16

Each week, Rectify Gaming looks through the indie games in development on Kickstarter and brings you the best looking, most promising, and most interesting of the bunch. Here’s what we like this week: Ghost Theory Developed by: Dreadlocks Ghost hunting has become its own niche interest, and Ghost Theory falls right into that genre. You play as Barbara, a young woman blessed (or cursed!) with the c...[Read More]

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