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Destiny – Possible Siva Infections Spreading

On the 15th of September there was a early morning hour and a half long maintenance on the Destiny servers. 14 hours ago people started getting transmitted or what the community is calling “infected” with these buffs that increase xp and rep gains while the transmission is in place. Twitch streamers who got infected on stream would get a message in the chat from a bot that led to a web...[Read More]

Destiny pre-Rise of Iron patch 2.4

Tomorrow there will be a new patch coming to Destiny, we do not know anything about this new patch except that it will pave the road for Rise of Iron (September 20th). We do know that there will be a weapon patch but 2.4 has yet to be confirmed to include a weapon rebalance which the game desperately needs for Auto rifles and the slower firing precision weapons in the sandbox. Right now the Guns t...[Read More]

Destiny Tip And Tricks – Vendor Weapons To Pick Up Before Rise Of Iron.

Not geared up as much as you should be for Rise of Iron? Here is a guide on weapons you should pick up that will increase your gameplay. Let’s start with Auto Rifles. Auto Rifles: DealBreaker: The DealBreaker is a low tier rate of fire Auto Rifle with great stability, range, and reload speed. The Crucible Vendor has a good PVE roll if you like Auto Rifles. Crowd Control makes taking down gro...[Read More]

Halo 5 Forge Review- DeathRun

One of my most favorite games has to be Garry’s Mod, a heavily modified version of the Half Life engine. Garry’s Mod also known as GMod brings a variety of gamemodes, like Trouble in Terrorist Town and PropHunt, both of which have been remade into previous Halo games by the Forge community. Halo 5 Forger FlashPlayer911 remade a classic GMod gamemode DeathRun into Halo 5, by using scrip...[Read More]

Forge Map Review: Hot Pursuit

With the addition of Infection to Halo 5 the custom game and Forge opportunities have been tripled. Previously if you wanted to play an Infection based gamemode you would have to use the Halo 2 honor rule system, which would get really tedious really fast. Forger XKILLATERALDMGX brought the fan favorite Hot Pursuit to Halo 5, while the maps stay true to the originals in terms of how the maps are l...[Read More]

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