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Caster, occasional writer and gaming nut.

New Surface Book update announced with many improvements

The ‘Ultimate laptop’ just became even more…ultimate. Today, Microsoft announced a new Surface Book update that brings much improved battery life, graphics, and general performance. Here are the main factoids: 2 times the graphics performance of Surface Book (3 times the Macbook Pro 13″) Battery life of 16 hours, about a 30% increase new thermal management system It was tho...[Read More]

Beam live streaming service getting Windows 10 and Xbox One integration

Today in New York, Microsoft announced that Beam, the live streaming service that the company purchased recently, will be getting fully integrated into Xbox One and Windows 10. Beam is an innovative live streaming platform for gaming and more. It offers low latency streams for much better interaction with viewers and also throws interactivity into the mix, allowing viewers to actually control the ...[Read More]

Have Sony jumped the gun on the 4K gaming revolution?

  On September 7, 2016, Sony unveiled the brand new PlayStation 4 Slim and the other console which I’ll be talking about right now, the PlayStation 4 Pro. It is (according to Sony) a 4K Ultra High Definition games console with better capability over the standard PS4 and PS4 Slim but still of the same generation. But have Sony jumped in a bit too early? Is the hardware really that capabl...[Read More]

The end of the ‘console generation’ as we know it

Since the dawn of home consoles it has been a tradition that around every five years or so a replacement would come along and everything would start over from scratch. This meant new system architectures so all of those games you had for your previous system would not work on your new fangled toy. Developers then had to get to grips with the new technologies on offer and as we went along in the li...[Read More]

Xbox One S: The Console We Wanted From the Beginning

It’s safe to say that upon release the Xbox One was rather disappointing. When I say disappointing I’m not talking about its graphical capability, but more about how much of a backwards step it was in relation to the previous generations.

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