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Starbreeze Studios Announces Payday 3 Through Financial Report

One of Starbreeze Studios most known franchises Payday is coming with another sequel as seen in a financial report for their most recent game Dead By Daylight. With the release of Dead By Daylight in Q4 of 2016 resulted in a great amount of growth for Starbreeze Studios, about more than 50% in revenue in fact. A pretty impressive amount for the newly released title, but that’s not what caugh...[Read More]

Battlefield 1 Winter Update

A new update is coming to EA’s latest title in the Battlefield franchise bring back old elements from previous games and including new ones to be implemented into the games multiplayer. First starting it off with Ribbons returning to the game. With over 20 ribbons to unlock, but it’s only the first wave of what they have for us. And even stating that we have a say for any ribbons that ...[Read More]

Perception Is Now Coming To Xbox One

Perception takes horror-survival to a different level with the game’s new take on exploring the world they created by former Dead Space and Bioshock developers who formed The Deepend Games. You play as a girl only known as Cassie with the disability of being blind. Only equipped with a smart phone and a walking stick you must use your sense of hearing to explore the New England mansion. Cass...[Read More]

Respawn Announces Free DLC For February And March

With starting the new year of 2017 means the start for more content also. For Titanfall 2 specifically, coming next month will be the next addition to Titanfall 2’s list of Free DLC. Staring off with their new gametype, Live Fire. This speedball inspired gametype has two teams of six with the objective to capture a neutral flag in the 60 second timeframe they’re given. No matter how ma...[Read More]

Apocalypse Now Gets Kickstart for Videogame Adaptation

Francis Ford Coppola’s award-winning film Apocalypse Now is underway to becoming it’s own videogame via Kickstarter. Coppola’s Vietnam based film on the horrors of war won’t just be the standard first-person shooter that we’re so use to seeing from other franchises though. Instead will be a more immersive and psychological horror game with role-playing mechanics to pr...[Read More]

New Game Announced By Surgeon Simulator Devs

Bossa Studios, the ones behind known games like Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread have just announced their new game known as Decksplash. This title to be a competitive, self-controlled, multiplayer skateboarding game. Similar to Splatoon the objective of the game is for two teams of three to dominate the other team by covering the map with their color. Using approaches like chain combos to get big...[Read More]

Ubisoft Aquires FreeStyle Games

FreeStyle Games primarily known for being the main developers for Sing Party, the Dj Hero franchise, and their latest title Guitar Hero Live as of today is now going to be under Ubisoft’s Ownership. The UK based studio previously owned by Activision will now be known as Ubisoft Leamington. And will be working along with another studio on other AAA games, Ubisoft Reflections. As well as other...[Read More]

Titanfall Mobile Game Cancelled

The mobile trading card game announced back in September seems to be on its last breath with the game being cancelled and beta ending this week (January 20 2017) as well. Posted on the game’s Facebook page Friday states that they were unable to translate the same experience that we know from Titanfall into Frontline. “It is our goal to create the best Titanfall mobile games that showca...[Read More]

The Crew – Calling All Units DLC

The second expansion to Ubisoft’s most recent racing title The Crew is now available and brings new content and gameplay for the entire US. All Units Calling gives the player to play as either the police to chase and arrest the street racers. Or as the street racer by picking up and deliver illegal packages while on the chase by the police. For the police being a new edition to the game, the...[Read More]

New Games By Batman Devs Possibly Leaked

With rumors floating around a while back about the next batman game after Arkham Knight released in June 2016, but many believed that it wasn’t going to come as Rocksteady announced that this was the last in the series. It seems that might not be the case with the latest possible leak from a user on Neogaf. On a post from September, a user vetted by the moderators stated “Indeed, WB Mo...[Read More]

Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass Details

A trailer was released for the upcoming sequel to the first Watch Dogs focusing on the season pass that’ll include extra content such as story missions, customizable items and cosmetics for your character and also gadgets. Straight off the bat the season pass will include both the Root Access Bundle and The Psychedelic Pack: Root Access includes outfits for Marcus and items for your car, dro...[Read More]

New Viking Horror Game By Former Battlefield Developers

A sneak peek for a title by the newly formed studio The Outsiders. With several developers who worked on the Battlefield series even including David Goldfarb is part of the studio. Currently known as Project Wight as seen in the video’s title, it is set during the Dark Ages where creatures from a lost species are living in the same time as the Vikings. And already you’d think “co...[Read More]

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