Hey! I’m Matt [Also known as Envi] from the UK! I’m the Tournament Manager for Rectify Gaming, and given the task of arranging and setting up tournaments for the team! I am also a Content Producer, and will be working on an array of projects for the site. If you want to contact me, hit me up on Twitter: @RTEnvi!

Halo Online: All You Need To Know

Halo Online has now been officially confirmed by 343 Industries, but why should you be excited? Have a look at our Halo Online analysis to cover all details released so far! Halo Online is developed by Sabre Interactive, and Innova Systems, and will be in open beta over the coming months exclusive to PC. It will be a Free To Play title, and will feature microtransactions to upgrade weapons faster,...[Read More]

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Xbox One Bundle Releasing Next Week.

Earlier today, Microsoft announced a “Halo: The Master Chief Collection” Xbox One Bundle will be releasing soon, which aims to discount customers when purchasing an Xbox One, and moving over the next iteration in the Halo franchise. This has been timed with the release of the new content update, which fixed many of the games problems, and the Halo: Championship Series Season 1 Finals, ...[Read More]

Microsoft Launches SDK for Developers to Build Apps on Xbox One

The SDK [Software Development Kit] for the Xbox One has been announced to release today, by Microsoft. The announcement was made at the Games Developer Conference, by Phil Spencer on a panel this afternoon, which focuses on developers for the Xbox One ecosystem, tools available, and the ID@Xbox Program. The SDK will be accessible by select preview testers in the first wave today, however any devel...[Read More]

Hints That Destiny Will Massively Expand On Story As John Ryan Moves To Bungie:

Today we have discovered that a lead story writer from ArenaNet, is moving to Bungie as an editor and writer. John Ryan, who worked on large titles, such as the Guild Wars franchise confirmed on Twitter that he was leaving to join Bungie, and help develop story for the company. This doesn’t confirm that he is working on the Destiny franchise, however is likely that he will be working on thei...[Read More]

Ubisoft Confirms 5 Triple-A Releases for 2015:

Recently in a conference call with investors, Ubisoft representatives have confirmed they aim to release 5 major “Triple-A” Titles in 2015. The games confirmed include the much awaited “The Division” as well as “Rainbow Six Siege” and Assassins Creed (Victory?) CEO Yves Guillemot explained how “The strong install base” for next generation consoles &#...[Read More]

PAYDAY 2: The Hype Train Announced!

Overkill Software, developers of Payday 2, the award winning Heist and Robbery game, have announced “The Hype Train”, and new wave of DLC and offers, for the Payday 2 Community. The Hype Train is similar to the Crimefest, which involves the community completing certain tasks or challenges, and meeting set criteria, to unlock content in the future. The Hype Train currently “runs&#...[Read More]

Monty Oum – Animator for Red vs Blue and RWBY, Has Passed Away:

From the days of Haloid, to Red vs Blue and RWBY, Monty Oum has always been loved, and respected by not only the Rooster Teeth community, but gamers, anime fans, and content consumers. He helped build upon Rooster Teeth, and brought their content to new levels, in animation, storytelling, and fictional universes. A few days ago, it was announced that Monty Oum had been taken into hospital, after s...[Read More]

New Just Cause 3 Screenshots Spread Online:

New screenshots for the highly anticipated Just Cause 3 have arisen over the past view hours, after gaining traction on NeoGAF, and rapidly spreading across the internet. The new screenshots show how great the new entry to the franchise looks graphically, and obviously has drawn attraction to the release. The currently released screenshots show some of the humorous twists [which the Just Cause fra...[Read More]

Battlefield 4: Second Assault Free for EA Access Members:

The expansion pack for Battlefield 4, “Second Assault” is now free for current EA Access members. The expansion can be accessed from the Xbox One Store or EA Access Hub, between now and February 28th and once attached to your account, is free to use for a lifetime. The maps included are remakes of fan favourites from Battlefield 3, but include new “Levolution” moments, and ...[Read More]

Battlefield Hardline Beta Release Date and New Features Revealed:

UPDATE: The Battlefield Hardline Beta has been extended to February 9th for all platforms. The release date for the Battlefield Hardline Beta has been announced today, and with that, a variety of features have been revealed, and showcased. The Beta will run from February 3rd until February 8th, and be available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC. This release of the beta will be open and acces...[Read More]

Project “Spartan” Given Extension Support

The Internet Explorer Development Team has brought us the news we’ve been waiting for – Microsoft is now working on incorporating extensions into Project Spartan. Recently, on the hashtag #AskIE, users have been able to directly ask the IE Dev Team about certain features within the new Spartan browser. When the team were asked whether or not there will be extension support for Project ...[Read More]

New Xbox One Controller Update Avaliable For Preview Members

Members of the Xbox One Preview Program have recently given the surprise of an update for the Xbox One controller firmware to Ver: 1.2.2236.0. The update aims to decrease connection speeds for the controller, as well as featuring some tweaks to certain problems in the previous firmware build. To get the new controller firmware update, install the Xbox OS Build Ver: 1502.150120 [Newest current OS P...[Read More]

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