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A Video Game enthusiast since before 3 years old. Loves Nintendo, Xbox, and wanting a Playstation. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @HoundstoothRTR.

Hyrule Warriors Legends 3DS Review

Game – Hyrule Warriors Legends Release Date – March 25, 2016 Platform – Nintendo 3DS Developers – Omega Force/Team Ninja Publishers – Nintendo/Koei Tecmo Price – $39.99 Reviewed By – Weston Terry     I have always been a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda franchise. Also, I have fond memories of playing Dynasty Warriors with my friends back in high school. When I heard the announcement that...[Read More]

Dude, Quit Playing With Yourself!

You know what isn’t fun? Playing ping-pong, Monopoly, or any game by yourself. You want to know why? Because multiplayer games are just more fun than single player games. Period. Now, now… I know some of you will definitely disagree with that statement. But, I think that I have a couple of arguments to persuade you to see things my way.   So, why is multiplayer more fun? Well, isn’t it obviou...[Read More]

Neon Chrome Review

Game – Neon Chrome Release Date – April 28, 2016 PC/May 31, 2016 Playstation/June 8, 2016 Xbox One Platform – Xbox One(Review), Playstation 4, PC Developer/Publisher –10tons Ltd./10tons Ltd. Price – $15.99 Reviewed By – Weston Terry   10tons recently released their biggest game of the year, Neon Chrome. Instead of being a puzzle-genre style game, such as Sparkle 2 and Azkend 2, Neon Chrome is...[Read More]

Just a Kid from Pallet Town

Remember Pokemon, that franchise that came out about twenty years ago? The game where capturing animals and using them to battle your friends caused you (or your parents) to spend tons of money on the game, cards, or any other type of memorabilia from it? Well, the phenomenon is happening all over again with Pokemon GO. Kids, college students, and even parents are now walking around neighborhoods ...[Read More]


Game – SUPERHOT Release Date – PC – February 25th, 2016/ Xbox One – May 3rd, 2016 Platform – Xbox One(Review), Playstation 4, Playstation Vita Developer/Publisher –SUPERHOT Team/SUPERHOT Team Price – $24.99 Reviewed By – Weston Terry   Every move counts in this fantastic first-person shooter/puzzle hybrid. Every move you make allows your enemies, as well as their movements, to mov...[Read More]

Azkend 2: The World Beneath Review

Game – Azkend 2: The World Beneath Release Date – May 6th, 2016 Platform – Xbox One(Review), Playstation 4, Playstation Vita Developer/Publisher –10tons Ltd./10tons Ltd. Price – $7.99   Sparkle 2 was the first game I ever reviewed, and it was developed by 10tons Ltd. Now, I have the chance to review their latest release into the console world, Azkend 2: The World Beneath. This match-thr...[Read More]

Fortified Review on Xbox One

Game – Fortified Release Date – February 3, 2016 Platform – Xbox One(Review) and PC Developer/Publisher – Clapfoot/Clapfoot Price – $14.99   If you loved the old 1950s science fiction movies, then you will enjoy the setting for Clapfoot’s Fortified. A Martian invasion needs to be stopped in this Tower Defense strategy shooter. Using different heroes, the player is tasked with protecting...[Read More]

343 Industries Succeed with Micro-Transactions

  Halo 5: Guardians has been seeing major success from their micro-transactions known as Requisition Packs (REQ Packs). Whenever micro-transactions are discussed among gamers, it is usually because of the negative impact they tend to have on the game to which they have been added. Most gamers will automatically view micro-transactions as “Pay-To-Win” deals, meaning spending a little cash will...[Read More]

Electronic Super Joy Review

Game – Electronic Super Joy Release Date – January 20, 2016 Platform – Xbox One(Review) and PC Developer/Publisher – Michael Todd Games/LOOT Interactive, LLC Price – $9.99     Balancing a game between challenging and fun is usually difficult, but Electronic Super Joy found the perfect sweet spot. Older gamers remember the times when there was no save states, a few checkpoints, and ...[Read More]

Halo 5 Hammer Storm Preview

The Halo Community Update just dropped, giving us all something to look forward to in the upcoming weeks. Let’s take a look at everything!   Be My Valentine! This weekend, Halo 5 will be showcasing their Valentine’s Double Date social playlist. Pink and red hues fill the usual Breakout maps, giving everyone Halo 2 BR starts. First to 30 wins, so find that special someone that you game with an...[Read More]

Sparkle 2 Review – Xbox One

Game – Sparkle 2 Release Date – January 27, 2016 Platform – Xbox One Developer/Publisher – 10tons Ltd.       I have never reviewed a game in my entire life. I have always spoken about how much I enjoyed a game, or how frustrating a game was to me,  but to say that I have done a review would be false. So, this is my first review. I normally gravitate towards games that are in th...[Read More]

Becoming A Better Teammate

I have always enjoyed multiplayer matchmaking video games. Lately, I have been playing a lot of Halo 5: Guardians with my brother and our friends. We are competitive, and we always try to win the match that we get placed in. Sometimes, I place our team in bad situations, simply because I have not done a great job of supporting my team. Team-based games are all about supporting one another to win, ...[Read More]

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