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Assetto Corsa v1.12 update (Free Track And Car Update) Feb. 14th

Assetto Corsa just released an update (v1.12) That gives us One free car (Audi Quattro S1 E2) and a new track (Highlands Circuit) With a long, short, and drift layout to cater to everyone. Highlands is claimed to be the “Perfect Driving Road/Track. Have the expectations of the track met the needs of many? Well the answer is, YES. The layout of the track specifically the long circuit layout i...[Read More]

Forza Horizon 3 February DLC Clue Thread Guesses W/ Metro

Clue 1 Car 1: I only take “no” for an answer. Is that understood? So i recognized the quote but i wasnt sure from where so i began to look into it, i quickly found it was a quote from the yellow submarine a beatles Film. In the dialoge for the film a character “Big Blue Meanie” Says the quote “Big Blue Meanie: WHAT?! [he grabs Max by his ears] We Meanies only take NO for an answe...[Read More]

New FH3 legendary BarnFind Location + Car!

With the most recent update to Forza Horizon 3 Following the launch of the Logitech G DLC Car pack came a new “Legendary Barn find”. This Legendary Barn find is found Just to the left of surfers paradise, Close to another previous barn find in the game. The location will always be the same but to give you a general area on where to look on the map i included the location on the map whe...[Read More]

Forza Horizon 3 Logitech G Car Pack Review

Forza horizon 3 recently got a December DLC Car Pack “Logitech G Car Pack” being its official title, and given the clues this month it wasnt easy to make guesses on what the potential DLC cars could of been. You can read what i believed were the next dlc cars linked here ( and judging by my answers, you can tell it was a tough dec...[Read More]

FH3 December DLC Clues/Guesses

Its that time of the month for Forza Horizon 3 Fans to guess the possible upcoming cars to be released for the month of December. In true Turn10 fashion they gave us the most vague, yet almost exact on what we are getting. Of course none of these are confirmed these are just my personal speculations of what i believe May be included inside the FH3 December DLC.   Clue 1 Car 1 It is of the pas...[Read More]

Black Ops 3 Wish List And BO1 and BO2 HD Remake talk

I made a short video explaining the things i want in the next call of duty game, Black Ops 3. I also discuss the HD Remake for BO1 and BO2, I am looking forward to hearing other peoples opinions and i strongly believe you guys will have good ideas and such. The wishlist is still early before any game play so don’t take anything i say as confirmed details.

Black Ops 3 Confirmed W/ Trailer And Boxart. “Back In Black”

              So today There was a major announcement in the call of duty community.  Treyarch released a trailer today for there next call of duty titled back in black. If you are a lover of the franchise, you will understand the things being said are from previous call of duty black op’s games. Famous quotes such as “The number mason” make an ...[Read More]

Fast And Furious Car Pack Review And Ridealong

So if you have seen my review of the fast and furious expansion pack you would know how i felt about it, if not there will be a link to it right below for you to watch and check it out. The fast and furious car pack is not a part of the season pass so you will have to pay 5$ For the pack. The pack includes 8 cars as listed below. Along with the free car of the pack which is a 1998 Toyota Supra TRD...[Read More]

COD: Black Ops 1 + 2 HD REMAKE?!

So this link was leaked today from an amazon post from the real activision amazon account posting all of this!   Just for when this post is deleted i will add screenshots, now take this with a grain of salt beca...[Read More]

Forza Horizon 2: Fast And Furious Board Locations and Gifted Supra!

During Metro’s playthrough of the new Forza Horizon expansion, “Forza Horizon 2: Fast And Furious”, he began to spot blue boards, scattered around the world. With no indication of the purpose, or idea behind these boards, he collected them, out of pure curiosity, to see if there were any rewards. From these boards, he received the Toyota Supra RZ Sparrow, which he has now driven,...[Read More]

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Review

Metro had decided on doing another video review, this time of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. The review is concise, and explains his thoughts on the release. If you’d like to see his impressions, make sure to click below!  

Forza Horizon 2: Fast And Furious Expansion Review.

The Forza Horizon 2: Fast And Furious Expansion has recently released on Xbox One and Xbox 360, and is currently free to play. The standalone DLC is now free to download for all Xbox Live users, on the Xbox Store. Metro has created a short, concise review, and gives his overall impressions on the release. The game will be free until April 10th, so make sure to watch our review, and pick up the gam...[Read More]

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