Project Scorpio will feature a “Motion Design Language”

Even before Xbox fans for a glimpse of the innards of what Microsoft has since called Project Scorpio, rumors were circulating about new Xbox hardware to compete with Sony’s then-upcoming Project Neo that released as the PlayStation 4 Pro. However, with Microsoft aiming both to outdo current-generation gaming hardware including the PlayStation 4 Pro as well as begin to revolutionize the desi...[Read More]

Bethesda reportedly working on 3 new games

In an interview with Glixel, Todd Howard of Bethesda spoke on the topic of upcoming efforts and internal projects, with the spotlight falling on a select few. Howard, who directed Fallout 4 as well as Fallout Shelter, told Glixel that he couldn’t “talk a lot about the, but [he could] say that they’re bigger than anything we’ve ever done.” Glixel wrote that the three n...[Read More]

Nier: Automata may release on Xbox One eventually, just maybe

We’ve heard before of NieR: Automata and fans of the upcoming game have known that it was already guaranteed a PlayStation 4 and PC release, but an Xbox One launch seemed highly unlikely. That might change, sometime in the future though. Here’s why. Express, a British news organization, originally reported that the NieR: Automata‘s producer, Yosuke Saito, explained that “[t...[Read More]

343 at PAX East: Halo Wars 2 Panel

With Halo Wars 2 already being played by Ultimate Edition owners and Standard Edition owners to clock in on Tuesday, February 21, fans are already playing in and learning about the universe outside Master Chief’s visor. But some may wonder about the choices, either mechanically or visually, 343 Industries made in Halo Wars 2. Lucky for them that a few 343 folks will be hosting a panel during...[Read More]

Phil Spencer on 2017’s upcoming games

As we covered earlier today, Phil Spencer discussed Xbox Play Anywhere with Xbox Live’s Larry Hryb and mentioned the game roster for 2017 thus far being less focused on huge core franchises like first-person Halo and Gears of War and more on third-party and exclusive titles. Earlier Friday morning, however, Spencer posted on Xbox Wire regarding the outlook of Xbox gaming for 2017. He took ti...[Read More]

Xbox head Phil Spencer talks Xbox Play Anywhere, exclusives, and 2017 expectations

During Friday’s livestream to celebrate the launch of Microsoft and 343 Industries’ real-time strategy title Halo Wars 2, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, Larry Hryb, took some time to interview Xbox head Phil Spencer. During the interview portion of the livestream, which you can find linked as the source below, Spencer touched on various aspects of his gaming life and upcoming games fo...[Read More]

Cities: Skylines to launch this spring to Xbox One, possible Windows 10 release coming

Last month, we reported that we would be seeing Paradox Interactive’s city building simulator, Cities: Skylines, at GDC 2017 in February. Today, the team behind Cities: Skylines tweeted out from the official Twitter account that the game is coming to Xbox One this spring. The tweet is embedded below. We're thrilled to tell you that @Cities_PDX will be released on @Xbox One this spring! L...[Read More]

Sea Of Thieves update brings game to 0.1.1, adds more islands, seas, and NPC enemies

Sea Of Thieves was first unveiled during Microsoft’s E3 briefing in 2016 and dropped its gangplank for its first public crewmates in December with the first technical preview weekend on Xbox One. Since then, the game has welcomed over 5,000 Xbox One players with promises to include Windows 10 hopefuls in future preview tests. Today, however, the team at Rare Studios are launching an update t...[Read More]

343 Industries clarifies: Halo Wars 2 for Windows 10 “retail plans have shifted”, will not be sold outside Europe

As we heard last month from the folks at THQ Nordic, the upcoming real-time strategy title Halo Wars 2’s Windows 10 version would be coming to brick-and-mortar stores worldwide upon the games release. At the time, we saw both the Ultimate and Standard Edition boxes, and had confirmation that the hard-copy disc version of Halo Wars 2 for Windows 10 would include a code to redeem digitally tha...[Read More]

Forza franchise tops $1 billion in retail sales

December 2016 marked the billion-dollar milestone for one of Microsoft’s most-played franchises. As of December 2016, the Forza franchise has topped $1 billion USD in retail sales. Turn 10 Studio Head Alan Hartman discussed the franchise’s recent progress on Xbox Wire. Hartman remarks that “[a]s of December, more than 14 million unique players were involved in the Forza community...[Read More]

Grand Theft Auto IV sales jump after gaining Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Last week, Rockstar’s last-generation hit Grand Theft Auto IV gained backwards compatibility on the Xbox One. While it’s always great to play the latest, best-looking games, classics like GTA IV are always a welcome change, and many gamers felt the same. According to, GTA IV’s sales jumped a massive 7,000% in the past few days. Backwards Compatibility on Xbox One i...[Read More]

There once was a Halo movie being made, here’s why you’re just hearing about it now and what it was like

Halo has been a staple for Xbox players for as long as the franchise and console have existed together. The original entry into the franchise, Halo: Combat Evolved, was launched in November 2001 on the original Xbox, and it spawned one of the most beloved storylines and universes in gaming. Four years after its launch and a year after its sequel’s, Microsoft and Bungie wanted to expand into ...[Read More]

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