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The name is Jacob, more known as TalkverseGaming and I am a Gamer to the heart. I mainly play Halo, which is what my YT channel is based off, and is also the game I'll mainly cover when writing for RectifyGaming. However I will also try to cater to Xbox fans and write for all their games when possible. Level 15, Proud AussieYoutube: Youtube.com/c/SoooTalkverse

Halo Waypoint community update (December 16/17 2016)

Hello everyone! My name is TalkverseGaming and I am bringing you a summary of the Halo Waypoint community update that was brought out today/tonight depending on which timezone you live in! (Link: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/forge-on) So Ske7ch (Being awesome so far, love ya bro <3) gave us a quick rundown on what’s been happening the past week, including these points (Quoted f...[Read More]

More Final Fantasy 30th anniversary stuff teased

Well with the release of Final Fantasy 15 this year and Final Fantasy 12 coming in 2017, Square Enix have teased us with more projects for the series’ 30th anniversary. The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu shows us a message from Final Fantasy Brand Manager Shinji Hashimoto, in which he is talking about the 30th anniversary of Final Fantasy. The first mention he says is an escape game (Possibl...[Read More]

Yooka Laylee looking for an April release

UPDATE: Playtonic plans to release Yooka Laylee on the Nintendo Switch, cancel Wii U version due to technical issues. “The Playtonic team is sad to confirm that despite our best efforts and exploring every possible avenue, we’ve encountered unforeseen technical issues that unfortunately mean it will be impossible for us to release the game on Wii U as initially planned.” “We can ...[Read More]

Miyamoto to put more effort into StarFox

So as we know, Shigero Miyamoto created StarFox, a Nintendo game where you take control of a fox pilot (What does the fox say?) which infamously uses the ‘do a barrel roll!’. At Shigeru’s apple soho appearance, he said this (quoted) “Yeah, I always wanted Fox McCloud to be a bit more popular than he is. [Crowd: “awww…”] But I think one more would be Pikmin. So I think these...[Read More]

HALO World Championship announced for 2017

UPDATE: Multiple events in HCS will now be crowd-funded, starting with HaloWC 2017. All REQ Pack sales going towards prize pools. As most halo fans would’ve watched in the spring/autumn depending on where you are, the Halo World Championship is returning next year for Halo 5, which is bound to be more interesting due to the new maps, the changes on those maps and the changes to come. 2017 wi...[Read More]

‘Call of Duty’ physical copy sales down 50%

Now it’s been nearly a month since the release of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and the sales figures for the game’s physical editions are not looking so well for Activision and Infinity Ward. Compared to Treyarch’s Call of Duty game Black Ops III last year, physical copies of infinite warfare dropped 50% in the month of November. This leads Activision Blizzard’s shares d...[Read More]

Original PS4 sales up 360%, despite Xbox One S selling more than the PS4 slim

After a UK retail gamble or lowering PS4 packages with FIFA 17 or Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens to 149.99 pounds, sales for the PS4 have gone up 359% week on week until October 1st. PlayStation did announce their sales are 55% higher than Xbox, but the Xbox One S still claims a 24% sales advantage against the PS4 slim. The PS4 promotion also helped EA’s sales of FIFA17, which sold at lea...[Read More]

Modern Warfare remaster to be sold separately

Big big BIG news for modern warfare fans who were not-so-hyped for it’s Infinite Warfare counterpart. Starting off, thanks to NeoGaf user Najaf for kind of ‘debunking’ the quote David Pellas  said about what’s happening to the 6 remaining maps in the multiplayer scheme of Modern Warfare Remastered. The quote goes as follows: (Scipted from http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthr...[Read More]

Kojima confirmed that Death Stranding is open world

Hello Death Stranding fans, welcome back to RCG, it’s been a while but I’m back for some more sweet articles! This one is kind of important. So yesterday, today, whatever timezone you find yourselves in, Kojima has confirmed that the new game ‘Death Stranding’ is indeed, open world. Kojima announced that this game will have a balance between freedom and focus of story eleme...[Read More]

Dead Rising remaster coming to PS4?

Can’t say I’m a huge fan of the game, but apparently a Dead Rising remaster (originaly on Xbox 360) may see itself on the PS4 later on. Reason for this is because ‘trophies’ (PS version of the Xbox Gamerscore) was leaked on a trophy tracking website (Exophase.com), backed with statements by Capcom stating it wants to release more ‘remastered versions of popular games&...[Read More]

Worms WMD All Stars content with preorder

So with the new Worms game (If you don’t know, it’s about you playing as a worm blowing each other up) set to release in August, we have recently received news of other bonuses when you preorder Worms WMD (specifically the all stars content) These include: Rocket League – Use the rocket league- inspired battle car to take out your enemies with style and skill! Goat Simulator R...[Read More]

Pokemon GO about to get better!

It’s been practically a week since the Global hit Pokemon GO app came out, and just recently there’s information on a new update! CEO John Hanke of Niantic recently talked about how Pokemon Go is about to get heaps better with deeper in game mechanics to encourage people to stick around the game as much as possible. One feature is that it will improve usage of pokestops and pokemon gym...[Read More]

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