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Star Trek Online Season 12 launching 26th January

Perfect world has taken to arc games to announce that they are kicking off their 7th anniversary of Star Trek Online by releasing the Season 12 content update. Unfortunately, this will only be on PC with the Xbox and Playstation versions coming at a later date, Season 12 continues where the previous content update Agents Of Yesterday left off in the story arc of the game while bringing new PvE que...[Read More]

NASCAR Heat Evolution Review

Game – NASCAR Heat Evolution Platform – Xbox One Release Date – September 13th 2016 Before we start I should note that I’m a huge NASCAR Fan which allows me to bring my knowledge of the sport to this review. So with that note let’s begin. NASCAR Heat Evolution is the first officially licensed NASCAR game available on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. However, if your a fan of the NASCAR Trucks...[Read More]

Seagate Announces 512GB SSD Game Drive For Xbox One

Seagate have announced that that they are launching a new 512GB SSD for the Xbox One Console called the Seagate Game Drive, Seagate have previously launched external Hard drives for Microsofts console with 2TB and 4TB storage capacity.     The Seagate Game Drive uses flash storage to help gamers get into the action quicker with faster load times and transition between levels in games suc...[Read More]

Battlefield Companion App Available On Mobile Devices

EA has officially launched its Battlefield companion app on mobile devices. The app is available on Android, IOS and Windows 10 Mobile. Battlefield companion is a complete overhaul of the old Battlelog app. The companion app allows users to explore and customise their soldiers loadout on the go with full Battlefield 1 support. The app also contains an emblem editor allowing you to design and use e...[Read More]

Star Trek Online Warps Into Action On Xbox One

The Free to play MMO Star Trek online has officially launched on Xbox One, Larry Hyrb Xbox Lives Major Nelson has taken to twitter to announce Star Treks Xbox One Launch, Unfortunately it seems the game is currently only available for US. Currently there has been no word from Major Nelson or the official Star Trek online twitter page on when the game will be launched in other markets yet Star Trek...[Read More]

PS Vita Update 3.61 Now Available

Sony have pushed Firmware 3.61 to its PS Vita and PS TV devices , While there are no new features included in this update the update includes a patch for the HENkaku hack which was used to run home brew applications and games on the PS Vita. In order to continue to connect your Vita to PSN you must update to Version 3.61.   Source: PlayStation  

HMV Launches Game Credit Service

British entertainment retailer HMV has launched HMV gamer credit,. HMV gamer credit allows gamers to purchase Xbox and PlayStation credit and memberships by charging it to your phone bill or for pre-paid customers by using their phone credit. Emails have gone out to HMV Pure members which contains some of the details. Currently the mobile operators which support this are: Vodafone UK, O2, Three UK...[Read More]

Rectify Gaming and Winbackgrounds partner up to bring you more themes

  Rectify Gaming are proud to announce that we have officially partnered with Winbackgrounds. This partnership brings all of Winbackgrounds console backgrounds exclusively to Rectify Gaming. We believe partnering with Winbackgrounds will be mutually beneficial for both parties. The backgrounds are compatible with all consoles that support custom backgrounds and make excellent backgrounds for ...[Read More]

Dailymotion heading to Xbox One, Available now for Preview members

Over on Reddit user CWade3051 has uploaded images of a Dailymotion App for the Xbox one. The images themselves are quite recent indicating the app is likely to be in the early stages of development. The App itself resembles the Dailymotion app which is currently available for users of  Windows 10 mobile with added controller support. The finished app could look totally different when it leaves the...[Read More]

Star Trek Onlines Agents Of Yesterday is now Live

Star Trek Online have announced that their third expansion – Agents Of Yesterday is now live. Existing players just need to open their game client and the expansion will download with the latest patch. Agents of Yesterday brings players a complete and Classic experience based on the Original Series in which they can create a brand new character and play through a story arc which takes them t...[Read More]

Twitch App launches on PS Vita in Europe

The Twitch app has arrived on the PlayStation store for both the PS Vita and the PlayStation TV, due to hardware restrictions you will be unable to broadcast from the device however the app enables Vita and PlayStation TV owners to watch streams without having to use the browser. The app itself is 16.7MB and requires a Vita Memory card   Source: thesixthaxis

Xbox One Elite controller available for $112

Microsoft’s Xbox One Elite controller is currently available for $112/£112.82 on Amazon, the lower price is available on both the Amazon US and the Amazon UK sites at the time of writing. This looks to be a Amazon promotion as Microsoft Store still lists the controller for $150. If you don’t already own an  Elite controller now may be a good time to grab one while its available for a lower price. ...[Read More]

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