Battlefield 1: Campaign details leaked

Battlefield 1: Campaign details leaked

Well, as usual, we have gotten leaks about an upcoming game that everyone is looking forward to. CoD Infinite Warfare! Just joking, but this article is all about Battlefield 1.

On the weekend we got a look at what this new game holds in store for us, and it’s pretty juicy, and now everyone seems to want to get their hands on it. But today, twitter user txt231 has released details about how the Battlefield 1 campaign will play out. He tweeted that it will have 6 missions, named:

  • Friends in High Places
  • Nothing is Written
  • Through Mud and Blood
  • Avanti Savoia!
  • The Runner
  • Epilogue

There is no confirmed details from DICE, but txt seems to be leaking things left and right, which so far most have been true.

Along with campaign details, he also leaked a list of achievement details from the game. These seem to have revealed the campaign mission names in themselves, and have given us an insight to the multiplayer experience.

Keep in mind that txt himself said that these details are from a development version of the game, so everything is subject to change.

Also, the Battlefield 1 trailer has blown Call of Duty out of the water with nearly 1mill likes on the trailer, with Infinite Warfare receiving well over 1 million dislikes

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  • Saber Khai

    I’m interested in details on the mission titled “The Runner,” primarily because that was Adolf Htiler’s duty as a messenger, or “runner,” during the Great War.

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