Battlefield 1 Winter Update

Battlefield 1 Winter Update

A new update is coming to EA’s latest title in the Battlefield franchise bring back old elements from previous games and including new ones to be implemented into the games multiplayer.

First starting it off with Ribbons returning to the game. With over 20 ribbons to unlock, but it’s only the first wave of what they have for us. And even stating that we have a say for any ribbons that we might want in the game also. Each ribbon promotes some type of interaction with teamwork or objective and also reward you 300XP with unlocking it. Another feature added will be unlocking Elite Codices. For every 500 kills you get for one of the eight primary weapons you unlock an elite codex. Along with the new lustrous codex, you’re also rewarded with 25,000XP as well. Next coming to Battlefield 1 is Class Ranks being increased to 50 from the original 10 ranks. With new dog tags to unlock as you progress along with a battlepack for every ten ranks you reach.


This update will also come with a set of new features for rent-a-server. With the use of the in-game UI, RSP admins will be given the option to kick or even ban players based on their behaviors. And are given priority access to their server on top of that. And following is the map voting feature that has been added in the update as well. At the end of the game the players are given the option of two different maps in the random rotation of maps set. Along with fixes and teaks for vehicles, weapons, maps, spectator mode, gameplay, and much more.

For now this is a good improvement to look forward to playing in wait for the games first DLC They Shall Not Pass which comes later this March featuring the French Army.


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