Battlefield Companion App Available On Mobile Devices

Battlefield Companion App Available On Mobile Devices

EA has officially launched its Battlefield companion app on mobile devices. The app is available on Android, IOS and Windows 10 Mobile.

Battlefield companion is a complete overhaul of the old Battlelog app. The companion app allows users to explore and customise their soldiers loadout on the go with full Battlefield 1 support.

The app also contains an emblem editor allowing you to design and use emblems within Battlefield using smart tools such as the grid tool, zoom etc making editing and creating emblems easier than ever before.

See Screenshots Below

wp_ss_20161023_0003 wp_ss_20161023_0005wp_ss_20161023_0001 wp_ss_20161023_0002 wp_ss_20161023_0004


The Battlefield companion app currently supports Battlefield 1 and 4

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