Zelda: Breath of The Wild Amiibo Box Art Revealed.

Highly anticipated Nintendo Exclusive, Zelda: Breath of The Wild will be launching on the Wii U and Nintendo Switch sometime in 2017. These days you can’t have a great game without some great amiibos’ to go with them. We do know that the Switch will in someway support amiibo, but we are not quite sure how it will work yet hopefully Nintendo shows us on January 12th. Here are 2 new amii...[Read More]

Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition Is now avaliable on the Xbox One

Dying Light: The following is a new expansion to the world of Dying Light. Now with the definitive edition it provides a new Legend System, improved visuals, huge gameplay improvements, and much more. The enhanced edition also includes bonus content, such as Be the Zombie, Cuisine & Cargo, Ultimate Survivor Bundle, and The Bozak Horde. With all this bonus content will also include a new fast a...[Read More]

Using the Ganondorf amiibo maybe a mistake in the Twilight Princess remake

We all know that amiibo are a small feature into a game. Bonuses that just make everything a little easier. For instance, Hyrule Warriors uses amiibo to grant a spinning attack and to offer some extra weapons. The Twilight Princess remake looks as if it will have some amiibo functionality that’s downright detrimental. Nintendo Inquirer is reporting that using the Ganondorf amiibo will cause ...[Read More]

Wolf Link amiibo lets you unlock a new dungeon in Twilight Princess HD

Once again Amazon brings us some exciting news. The Amazon France page for The Twilight Princess HD revealed some new information about the upcoming game and its amiibo. The listing has since been removed, but the Wolf Link amiibo will unlock a new dungeon in the game. The listing was first picked up Nintendo Insider, the description states that “Unlock bonuses with ‘The Legend of Zeld...[Read More]

Rectify Gaming’s Top Indie Games of The Year

2015 has brought us some awesome AAA games but lets look at some of the indie games that have been a big surprise this year and some that you may have not have heard of. In case you don’t know, indie games are video games created by individuals or small teams generally without video game publisher financial support. Indie games often focus on innovation and rely on digital distribution. Here...[Read More]

Amiibo on sale at Walmart for only $9.99 each

With all these great deals for Xbox and Playstation there is also great deals for amiibo this week at Walmart online. Also, some of the amiibo that are on sale are uncommon/rare including Mario Modern Color 30th Anniversary Series, Mewtwo, Zero Suit Samus and also some common Animal Crossing amiibo. These deals look to only be available online, if you need to catch up on your amiibo collecting now...[Read More]

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