New Nintendo 3DS to launch Feb 13th in the US

Nintendo have finally announced that the New Nintendo 3DS will be making its debut in North America on Feb 13th. The new handheld will still play all of your favorite 3DS games, while displaying them at a higher fidelity and adding extra immersion with the new 3D head tracking feature. The console can now be viewed at any angle and the 3D effect will still work thanks to the head tracking. Faster ...[Read More]

New Fire Emblem on the way to 3DS

Nintendo has announced that a brand new Fire Emblem will be making its way to Nintendo 3DS consoles sometime this year. A brief trailer was shown off during the Nintendo Direct, which shows off some gameplay and a bit of the new storyline. The game is being developed by Intelligent Systems.

Wave 4 Amiibo announced along with new Mario Party Line

Good news Amiibo collectors! Nintendo has announced during todays Nintendo Direct stream that wave 4 of the Smash Bros. amiibo will be launching this Spring while a new Mario Party line of amiibo will launch March 20th. They have also confirmed that Marth will be getting a restock in the US, which is great news for everyone who hasn’t been able to find one anywhere. The wave 4 of Smash amiib...[Read More]

Super Smash Bros. Wii U Review

A Smashing Good Time: Super Smash Brothers has always been a wildly popular franchise that Nintendo has had at their disposal. It is one of the few games today that still allows local couch play, allowing up to 8(yes 8!) players to now battle it out on the same screen. Having characters from almost every Nintendo franchise makes this game an enticing purchase, and with 50 characters, the roster is...[Read More]

Nintendo Direct 1/14/15

Nintendo have just announced that the next Nintendo Direct will air this Wednesday at 6 a.m. PT/ 9 a.m. EST with a focus on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games coming out this Spring. Be sure to tune in at or on their Twitch channel at  

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