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Over 80 More Pokémon and New Features Are Coming to Pokémon GO

Niantic is finally pulling the trigger in Pokémon GO with adding 80 more Generation 2 Pokémon including the three starters. “Starting later this week, you’ll have the opportunity to catch more than 80 Pokémon originally discovered in the Johto region in the Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver video games.” There will also be new features added into the game: New Evolutions: There are now m...[Read More]

Pokemon Go is getting a Valentines Day event starting today

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and Niantic is doing another event for Pokemon GO. Throughout the celebration, you’ll notice that Chansey, Clefable, and many other adorable pink Pokémon will be encountered more frequently in the wild. Cleffa, Igglybuff, and Smoochum will also be more likely to hatch from Eggs. And to help you paint your town pink this Valentine’s Day, Lure Modules...[Read More]

Nintendo made $2.9 million on Fire Emblem Heroes in its first day on IOS/Android

Data tracking firm Sensor Tower is reporting that the long-awaited mobile title from Nintendo, Fire Emblem Heroes earned more than $2.9 million in worldwide gross revenue and been downloaded more than two million times. The recent Nintendo mobile game was released two days ago now and even though it’s not as popular in America as it is in Japan, it is doing good. The chart provided by Sensor...[Read More]

Nintendo will release two to three mobile games every year

Recently we’ve seen success with Pokemon GO on Android and iOS breaking records as one of the best mobile games available. We’ve seen Super Mario Run get 78 million downloads on iOS alone. Well Nintendo have announced that they will release two to three mobile games every year. Nintendo will release Fire Emblem Heroes tomorrow on iOS and Android, and Animal Crossing will now arrive Apr...[Read More]

Nintendo has said they don’t plan to release any new content for Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run has been a hit for iOS in it’s first launch week making history as one of the best games for the App Store. Sadly not everyone is happy, shares in the company have fallen on the back of the game and now we are hearing that Mario’s adventure won’t have any additional free or paid content added to the game. If this game gets popular enough like Pokemon Go especially when it hit...[Read More]

Super Mario Run was the biggest launch in the history of the IOS App Store

Super Mario Run is only a day old and it is ready to set a new record as the biggest launch in the history of the app store on iOS. According to analytics firm Apptopia, the game was downloaded 2.85 million times in its first day of availability. That even beats out Pokémon Go, which was downloaded 900,000 times in its first day, according to Apptopia’s data. The thing is that Super Mario Run was ...[Read More]

Expect even more Pokemon GO news this month.

This month Niantic released some great content for Pokemon Go with the partnership with Starbucks adding about 8,000 new Pokemon gyms and stops, adding some gen 2 Pokemon with Togepi, Pichu, Elekid, Smoochum, Igglypuff, Cleffa, Magby, and they also put in a limited edition Pikachu with a Santa Hat that is only available until the 29th of December. In a recent blog post by Niantic, they talked abou...[Read More]

Pokémon GO begins rolling out Generation 2

Pokémon GO received some welcoming news today, in the form of brand new Pokémon from Gold and Silver, commonly referred to as Generation 2. This has been heavily implied to be coming for quite a few weeks now, with data miners finding all Generation 2 creatures and sound files in the game coding. To begin the rollout, developer Niantic has added several baby Pokémon to the game which can currently...[Read More]

Nintendo teams up with Starbucks for Pokémon GO adding more Gyms and PokéStops

Niantic have announced that Pokémon GO and Starbucks have officially teamed up. With this they will be adding even more Gyms and PokéStops in the United States, 7,800 specifically. That partnership starts today as well at 11 A.M. PST and not only are they supplying players with in gyms and stops, but Starbucks is creating a special-edition Pokémon GO Frappuccino for everyone. “Starbucks has ...[Read More]

New Pokémon are coming to Pokemon GO, more info coming December 12th.

  Update: Sprint will be the first US partner for Pokemon GO adding 10,500 Pokémon stops and gyms. Sprint locations will also feature in-store charging stations to keep your Pokémon GO sessions going even longer. Sprint also brings a great network and an unlimited data plan to support your search for Pokémon no matter where they are hiding. Pokémon Go, which was one of the biggest mobile hits...[Read More]

You can now catch Ditto in Pokemon GO

It looks like a new Pokemon has appeared in Pokemon GO and that is Ditto which was questioned to come into the game due to its abilities. You can also get double XP in Pokemon GO from today November 22nd up to November 30th. Ditto is a very hard Pokemon to catch as it will be disguised as a different Pokemon as it’s ability is to make itself just like the opponent. Whatever you see whether i...[Read More]

Just a Kid from Pallet Town

Remember Pokemon, that franchise that came out about twenty years ago? The game where capturing animals and using them to battle your friends caused you (or your parents) to spend tons of money on the game, cards, or any other type of memorabilia from it? Well, the phenomenon is happening all over again with Pokemon GO. Kids, college students, and even parents are now walking around neighborhoods ...[Read More]

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