Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 global testfire will begin on March 24th to March 26th

It looks like Nintendo Switch owners will have a good taste of Splatoon 2 quite early, within the first month actually. Nintendo has officially announced via Youtube that Splatoon 2 will have a testfire from March 24th-26th in other words a beta for the game to test it out and make sure the game has a good release date. They most likely want to give you a small taste so early just because just lik...[Read More]

Splatoon 2 will allow you to create private matches using LAN Play

Splatoon 2 will allow up to eight Nintendo Switch systems to connect via local wireless to play Private Battles, we already knew that. Additional to this, a new feature called LAN Play will enable players to connect eight docked systems using a wired LAN setup. This feature allows players to create local Private Battle tournaments without the need for an Internet connection. You can also use the P...[Read More]

Nintendo Network to become key to Nintendo’s business going forward

Nintendo’s president Tatsumi Kimishima has said in an interview with Time, that the Nintendo Network on the Nintendo Switch will become “Key to the business”. Kimishima also said that Nintendo wanted an online subscription price that was appealing to consumers. He also said that the company “Just want to make sure that everyone understands that we will be going above and beyond to make sure that o...[Read More]

How Nintendo caused me to Switch

The Nintendo Switch has been a point of controversy for the better of a month. Since its preview event January 12th, the sides are clear you are either for or against it. That evening a mist all of the talk of low graphics, battery life, and not enough launch lineups; I did it, I preordered. When it comes to new tech, I am the whale. I am the person who doesn’t mind being the tip of the swor...[Read More]

Nintendo released an early edit of a Switch ad by mistake

Today the Nintendo UK Twitter account shared a new Switch ad which features great games like 1 2 Switch showing off most of its mini-games, but there was something that was shown on the console that either the company did to tease us or it was a pure mistake. A few times in the commercial we quickly saw the dev menu. It showed things like Brightness, Date/Time, Sleep Mode, and on the side there wa...[Read More]

Nintendo releases details about the party chat and lobbies mobile app for Switch.

If there were one major confusion that we all can point at on the Nintendo Switch would be how do online lobbies and party chat work. We know that there will be a smartphone to help us do things like voice chat, but it seems like some games such as Ultra Street Fighter will have the lobbies right on the system so the mobile app is pointless. SourceGaming on Twitter translated the Splatoon account ...[Read More]

The Nintendo Switch now has over 100 games in development from 70+ developers

Tatsumi Kimishima, President of Nintendo, made some key points around the company’s ongoing strategies and progress during his financial results presentation to the media and shareholders in Japan. One of the questions some people have for the Nintendo Switch is how many games will come out for the system and how many are planned for late 2017 and of course 2018. Since the Switch Presentatio...[Read More]

Full List Of Confirmed Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games So Far

After the first day of the Nintendo Switch event we got to see a good amount of Switch games that are coming at launch and further at the Treehouse Live event. They had games like  Sonic Mania, ARMS, 1-2 Switch,  Super Bomberman R, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe,  Splatoon 2, and more. We also learned that they will be revealing more info on the upcoming Fire Emblem title through a direct on January 18th. Th...[Read More]

Splatoon 2 coming to Nintendo Switch Summer 2017

During the Nintendo Switch Presentation, Nintendo have showed off Splatoon 2 with new weapons, battle stations, and more. They haven’t said much more on the game, but they released a brand new trailer that has a lot of action. You can pre-order Splatoon 2 on Amazon right now for $59.99 Splatoon 2 comes out Summer 2017.

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