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Joseph Staten is writing Crackdown 3 storyline

Crackdown 3 was revealed at E3 2014 and this year according to Microsoft it will launch this year just in time for Xbox Scorpio. Well it looks like the games storyline will be written by Joseph Staten who is known for his contribution to the Halo series, the creator of Arbiter, and one of his recent works ReCore. This confirmation comes through a tweet from the one and only Staten saying that he&#...[Read More]

Halo Wars 2 will be about 24 GB on Xbox One

UPDATE: Halo Wars 2 is now available for pre-load on Xbox One. It was already available on Windows 10. Halo Wars 2 is around the corner and it may be the smallest Halo game on Xbox One if you don’t count Spartan Assault. Halo 5 and Halo MCC have well over 70 GB in size and Halo Wars 2 looks to have just about 24 GB. Now this is a bit of a shocker as the beta was about 10 GB and you’d t...[Read More]

Project Cars 2 is coming late 2017 Bandai Namco has announced

Well for a while now we knew Project Cars 2 was coming sometime this year as there were rumors about it. Today they have released an announcement trailer for the game and it says it will come to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam, there is no Nintendo Switch on that list as of now. Project Cars 2 will release in late 2017. Project CARS 2 is the next evolution in the award-winning racing series, fe...[Read More]

The physical vs digital gaming tug of war

Physical cartridges have been a staple of my gaming life. I can remember being a kid and getting so excited to check out the box art when going through my Toys R’ Us. Being a child of the 80’s meant no internet, and a lot of leg work if you were interested in a game. Trade in’s weren’t a thing yet, so spending $39 and 49$ meant the world. I can remember having to make tough...[Read More]

My time with Ghost Recon: Wildlands Beta

Beta’s are meant as a testing ground for not only the player, but the developer. In my recent experience with Ghost Recon: Wildlands I was able to get a first hand look at a game that has some strengths, and quite a few weaknesses. The Overview Bolivia is known for being a hot bed for cocaine, and is supported by the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel with operations spread across the entire country. ...[Read More]

Ubisoft has said that For Honor could be ported to the Nintendo Switch depending on how well the game does

There is no question Ubisoft is a big supporter of the Nintendo Switch with Just Dance 2017, Rayman Legends, and Steep coming to the console. There will most likely be some more titles that are out already or titles that are coming out in the future. For Honor is right around the corner and it is possible for the game to come onto the Switch. The reason why For Honor would come to the Nintendo Swi...[Read More]

Forza Horizon 3 February DLC Clue Thread Guesses W/ Metro

Clue 1 Car 1: I only take “no” for an answer. Is that understood? So i recognized the quote but i wasnt sure from where so i began to look into it, i quickly found it was a quote from the yellow submarine a beatles Film. In the dialoge for the film a character “Big Blue Meanie” Says the quote “Big Blue Meanie: WHAT?! [he grabs Max by his ears] We Meanies only take NO for an answe...[Read More]

Fallout Shelter is coming to Xbox One and Windows 10, it will be Xbox Play Anywhere title

Another 3rd party game has joined the Xbox Play Anywhere program and that is Fallout Shelter, Bethesda Game Studios have announced. Fallout Shelter is expanding once more to a new audience, putting Overseers in control of their own Vault and an army of Dwellers on Xbox One and Windows 10. Fallout Shelter will be available on February 7 as an Xbox Play Anywhere title via a free download from the Xb...[Read More]

Halo 5’s Classic Helmet REQ Pack will be $9.99 or 150k REQ points

Next week on February 9th, Halo 5 will be receiving a new update that will bring in 9 classic helmets from previous games including CQB from Halo 3 and Pilot from Halo Reach. It was announced in the latest Halo blog post that the Classic Helmet REQ Pack will cost $9.99 or 150,000 REQ points.  All nine classic helmets will be exclusively available in the one, single REQ Pack. The helmets will also ...[Read More]

Xbox One Ocean Shadows and Winter Forces Controllers Coming Soon

Two new Xbox One controllers have been listed on Amazon. They are Ocean Shadows and Winter Forces and they look sweet. These designs are based off of older ones like Dawn Shadow and Armed forces. Both controllers include all the same features that you know and love of the Xbox Wireless Controller, including textured grip, improved wireless range and Bluetooth technology for gaming on Windows 10 de...[Read More]

Napster now available for Xbox One with Background Music support

Ever since Microsoft introduced and released UWP to Xbox One we’ve seen a lot of new music apps that support background music. Now Napster has been added even though we all know that this company is a bit older it adds more variety to the users rather than being forced to use just one music app. With Xbox One you can choose from about 78 background music apps. Did you know the open UWP platf...[Read More]

Yooka-Laylee has gone gold

Playtonic Games have officially announced that Yooka-Laylee has gone gold. Which means development is complete and the game is ready for its April 11 release. Can you fathom that in just over two months Yooka-Laylee will be released? And as our proverbial tank treads take us thundering us towards d-day, our ranks grow ever larger… The game will release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Swit...[Read More]

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