When it comes to PvP Destiny can be a little “laggy.”

“Lag!” “Red-bar Banner” These are common things heard when playing PvP on Destiny. Bungie stated that PvP is peer-to-peer which means you connect to the person  with the best connection, from there hosting rotates depending on speed of the connection. People from outside the U.S. typically have less than favorable connections. This causes lag in the game. Lag causes people ...[Read More]

Deej Reveals Details about The Taken King with IGN

Bungie Community Manager Deej sat down with Fran Mirabella III from IGN to discuss details about The Taken King. Throughout the interview there are excerpts from the first Taken King story mission on phobos as well as some new crucible gameplay. Deej shares that there will be new ways to declare allegiance to a faction. You can walk up to a faction leader and declare allegiance and receive faction...[Read More]

Destiny: The Taken King Official Prologue Cinematic Revealed

The official Destiny: The Taken King Prologue Cinematic was released yesterday. It features the narration of familiar character Eris Morn, voiced by Morla Goorondona. The prologue starts with Eris explaining that guardians slay Crota and his father Oryx “smells the blood on your hands”. Check out the full cinematic below and let us know if it gave you chills, like it did us.

Luke Smith Answers 104 Questions about The Taken King

GameInformer sat down with The Taken King’s creative director Luke Smith and asked him 104 questions about Destiny: The Taken King – well mostly about Destiny. The very quick paced comedic interview yields a number of interesting answers about upcoming changes with The Taken King. The new level cap for your guardian will be Level 40. There are three or four new strikes, “depending”. It’s probably ...[Read More]

Destiny: The Taken King – Changes, New Voice Actor, and More

As Destiny closes in on it’s one year anniversary, there will a lot of changes to expect in Destiny when its third expansion The Taken King launches.  With the recent information from Game Informer, there’s suppose to be a major transition between the old and new content.  For players who have been playing Destiny since the first year, the majority of the PvE experience turned out to b...[Read More]

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