Final Fantasy XV

No plans for Final Fantasy XV for the Nintendo Switch

Square Enix may have voiced their interest in Nintendo’s upcoming console, but they have no interest in a Final Fantasy XV release on the Switch says the director of the title. In an interview with DualShockers, Hajime Tabata has said that they haven’t even really considering testing the game on the system. Barring remakes, a mainline game hasn’t released on a Nintendo system since Final Fantasy V...[Read More]

My Favorite Games of 2016

With another year of gaming behind us, and one just as promising in its infancy, I wanted to reflect on the year that was and pick out some of the games I enjoyed playing the most. This is not a Top 10 list or a compilation of the best games that were released in 2016. This is a list of the games that I had the most fun with this year, no matter how the public at large perceived them to be or when...[Read More]

Holiday 2016 update to Final Fantasy XV has free DLC and a New Game Plus mode

If you’ve been playing Final Fantasy XV since launch, you may have already completed the story and have just been levelling up your merry band of boys. If that sounds like you and you’re itching to play some more story, Square Enix has something special planned for December 22nd. Square Enix’s so-called “Holiday Pack+” will be available for Season Pass owners, but a f...[Read More]

79% of Final Fantasy XV sales In the UK were on PlayStation 4

Final Fantasy XV sold 5 million copies worldwide on it’s first day making it the fastest selling game in its franchise. Now according to figures revealed by GFK Chart-Track, four out of every five physical copies of Final Fantasy XV sold in the UK last week were on PlayStation 4. 79% of Final Fantasy XV’s physical first week sales were on PS4 while just 21% were on Xbox One. The high a...[Read More]

Video: Unboxing the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition

After more than a decade of waiting Final Fantasy XV has finally graced us with its presence, and oh how glorious it is! I will be doing a Review in Progress as I slowly make my way through the Broventures of Noctis and Pals (the clear subtitle for the game), but in the meantime I wanted to give everyone a look at the rare-ish Ultimate Collector’s Edition. I somehow managed to get my hands o...[Read More]

Final Fantasy XV Suffers Frame-Pacing Issues On PS4 And PS4 Pro

  Digital Foundry has run a scene for scene comparison of frame-rate test on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro, and the results may (or may not) surprise you. When compared side by side, the PS4 actually performed better than the Pro as far as frame-pacing went, but both ran in to problems. The PS4 Pro can be run in High or Lite graphics mode. The tests in the above video show that whil...[Read More]

Final Fantasy XV has gone gold; Game will have online multiplayer

Square Enix have announced that Final Fantasy XV has finally gone gold. Fans can now celebrate as it has been years since the game started development. First big news at #FFXVPGW – FINAL FANTASY XV HAS OFFICIALLY GONE GOLD! — Final Fantasy XV (@FFXVEN) October 27, 2016 Not only was that announced, the game will have multiplayer DLC. It will be an online, 4-player co-op multiplayer expa...[Read More]

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