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Halo Wars 2 Open Beta dates leaked

Hot on the news that Halo Wars 2 will be playable at E3, the dates of the open beta may have now been leaked. According to a listing that has since been removed from the Xbox Store, Halo Wars 2 will be in open beta from the 13th of June until the 20th of June. Below are some screenshots of the actions players can expect to find.  

Could Halo 3 Anniversary be a possibility?

UPDATE: Halo 3 Anniversary Amazon listing rumor denied as Rob Semsey said it wasn’t a thing. Nothing to see here. Even if Halo 3 Anniversary isn’t real Halo fans should still be excited for E3 2016 as Halo Wars 2 will be there. Anything is still possible this E3. A Twitter user by the name “KryPToN Larry” claims he saw an Amazon advertisement indicating a Halo 3 Anniversary...[Read More]

Halo Community Update: Hints and Heroes

In today’s community update, 343 kicks it off with the reminder that they will have an appearance at this year’s E3, and RTX.  As a quick reminder, E3 will start June 13th, while RTX will begin the 1st of July. When the Hog Wild REQ drop released, scope variants have been changed along with it, and here are the list of changes listed below. The Assault Rifle has stayed at REQ Level 1 T...[Read More]

Halo Wars 2 Artwork leaked.

So more news on Halo Wars 2 (Finally!) on twitter today; Earlier today/tonight/wherever the time was some Halo Wars 2 artwork was revealed over twitter and it BLOOMED over the halo community, mainly receiving positive feedback, new theories. Now it involves the new brute we saw with an army behind him, with a large group of spartans charging at them. in the background we see some weird (Promethean...[Read More]

Halo Legendary Loot Crate Revealed.

343 Industries have announced that they partnered up with Loot Crate to create the Halo Legendary Crate. This crate is only $34.99 and a new crate comes every 2 months. The items included equal up to $65 Halo swag and collectibles. Here is what it all includes:   EXCLUSIVE Halo gear, collectibles and in-game content 5-7 items, including a new figure line made just for this crate Themes based ...[Read More]

Looks like Halo Wars is on its way to the Xbox One Backwards Compatible Library

Halo Wars is among the most demanded Xbox One BC games and it looks like it is in the pipeline. Thanks to Evil Boris for an image of the game on the Xbox One store. The image shows the store page for Halo Wars on Xbox One. Halo Wars on Xbox One is going to be 6.34GB in size. Previously, Microsoft said that it is changing the way games are delivered to backwards compatibility so sometimes we can...[Read More]

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