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Eyedol announced as Killer Instinct’s final Season 3 character, releases this week

Announced today during the EVO Championships, the folks at Killer Instinct revealed that Eyedol will be the final Season 3 character released this year. He will be available on July 22nd for the Ultra and Supreme Edition owners, while everyone else will need to wait until July 29th. It’s the 8th character this season and now completes the roster from the first two, original Killer Instinct g...[Read More]

Killer Instinct Definitive Edition to launch this Fall.

UPDATE: Official Killer Instinct Definitive Edition Trailer released: According to Gematsu, Microsoft will release Killer Instinct Definitive Edition for Xbox One on September 20th for $39.99 as Amazon UK, Gamestop and Newegg has leaked out. The game will include all 26 characters and 20 stages from Season One, Two, and Three of Killer Instinct, both Killer Instinct Classic 1 and 2, the game’s ori...[Read More]

Gargos releases next week on Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct fans won’t have to wait much longer to play the next character,  as the official announcement was made over on the Ultra Forums just a bit ago. Gargos will make his way into the fight on May 27th. Unlike normal releases, they won’t be released at midnight, but early morning Pacific time. We don’t know what time yet, but we were informed to stay tuned. We’ll ...[Read More]

World War setting possibly teased for the next Battlefield.

There have been lots of speculation that the next Battlefield which we will know more about soon, will be set in the World War era. The reason why we are bringing this up is that a fan on Twitter said he would crap his pants if this next Battlefield is set in World War 1 or 2. Back a few months ago there was details that it could well be a World War style game and that this game will release in Oc...[Read More]

Killer Instinct Tusk trailer reveals Maya’s sister as next character

  The final trailer for Tusk, the 4th launch character in Killer Instinct season 3, also reveals the next character to be included in the game. Maya’s vampirish sister, who’s story was briefly told already in game, will be the next character. We see Tusk in action, sword and all, just before he gets eaten by the vampire mistress herself. Killer Instinct season 3 launches this Tues...[Read More]

Pricing details for Killer Instinct Season 3 revealed.

March 29th is coming up and Killer Instinct launches on Xbox One and now Windows 10. The Killer Instinct team have given a run down on the bundle prices for season 3. These bundles both work for Xbox One and Windows 10. Killer Instinct comes with awesome new characters such as The Arbiter and General RAAM and more! The Ultimate Season 3 Bundle! Get early access to fighters! Includes 8 new fighters...[Read More]

Killer Instinct Season 3 pre-order comes with 2XP boost and KI Gold package.

The pre-order bundle for Killer Instinct season 3 is available now on the Xbox Store and comes with a pretty decent package. Anyone who purchases the bundle at the price of $39.99 will get access to the four launch characters (Tusk, Arbiter, Rash and Kim-Wu) as well as early access to the remaining four, unannounced characters. Season 3 is only scheduled to have 8 characters in total, but it’...[Read More]

Mira, General RAAM, and more leaked for Killer instinct Season 3.

So Killer Instinct Season 3 is coming out on the 29th of March and some leaked characters were revealed in a Twitch stream.  The characters Mira and General RAAM were accidentally showed off. General RAAM is a guest character from Gears of War, and Mira is the deceased twin sister of Maya A new “Shadow Lords” mode was also leaked nothing else was confirmed as far as details. Remember Killer instin...[Read More]

Killer Instinct Season 3 coming to Windows 10 and Xbox One March 29th

The embargo has been lifted and now the news is rolling out from the Xbox and Windows 10 event that was held in San Francisco. One of the news we got was that Killer Instinct Season 3 will be coming to Windows 10 and Xbox One on March 29th.  Eight fighters join the battle in Season 3, featuring both new, classic, and now guest characters. Pricing is still not known yet. Eight fighters join the bat...[Read More]

Killer Instinct Season 3 will have improved graphics dev says

The Killer Instinct developers pride themselves with their game. They work very hard  on making new and better content for their fans such as characters and arenas, but that’s not the only aspect they want to improve. The team really emphasized that they want to “improve” the game by saying that they “overhauled” the Killer Instinct graphic engine on the Xbox One so t...[Read More]

Aribter teased in latest Killer Instinct Season 3 short clip.

  UPDATE: They have released a brand new Killer Instinct Arbiter trailer giving us a look at to what a fight will be like on his stage and what his special attacks are.  Check it out: So, lately we have been starting to see Microsoft  exclusives collide with another game like Rocket league. With Sunset Overdrive, Halo, and Gears getting special cars. Now, this one is interesting, the Killer I...[Read More]

Combo Assist Mode coming to Killer Instinct

The Killer Instinct team is now introducing Combo Assist Mode to the game to try to get more people to play their game. They quoted “How do we get more people playing KI?” “We asked a lot of players, “what part of fighting games is preventing you from wanting to dig deeper?”  What we discovered was that while most people feel pretty confident that they can throw a fireball, almost no one was...[Read More]

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