Report: Nintendo is recalling all Wii U systems from retailers

Last month we heard Nintendo would end the production of the Nintendo Wii U, but now we are hearing even more. The console that has been taken as a joke, weaker than most platforms on the market, has little third party support, and has been moving very few units. The Nintendo Switch looks to be a promising console for Nintendo as a whole which is great. If you want to acquire a Nintendo Wii U grab...[Read More]

Rumor: Crytek has not paid any of their workers in months

Crytek, who is known for making Xbox One exclusive, Ryse: Son of Rome has been having troubles as a company the past few months. A Crytek employee posted something on imgur saying “CRYTEK hasn’t paid me (or my coworkers) for almost 6 months. HELP!” This employee talks about some issues with management such as they never give anyone a heads up, and it isn’t clear to me if they are...[Read More]

A Nintendo Switch exclusive will be shown off this month

Update: Seasons of Heaven the name of the exclusive Nintendo Switch game. Here are some new clear pictures of the game. Laura Kate is back at it with Nintendo Switch leaks and we can bet that they are not a big fan of this now. Nintendo doesn’t seem to be done with showing off Switch content this month. Apparently Nintendo has another Switch exclusive to show and it looks something completel...[Read More]

Ryse: The Empire could be a real or fake sequel, but we hope it’s real

Sequel rumors pop up all the time, and apparently Ryse: The Empire is the newest one to make the rounds. An image popped up on Twitter which was taken from some sort of conference or event. It showed the name Ryse: The Empire and also had the Cryengine logo at the bottom. It’s the first rumor for a sequel after the original sequel was scrapped following Crytek’s financial troubles. Hop...[Read More]

Possible white PlayStation 4 Slim leaked

Some interesting PlayStation 4 rumors are going around and it could be something Sony has planned for the future in 2017. We have caught 2 people talk about a white PS4 Slim on twitter but then deleted their tweets, while one of them was Zhuge that tweeted about it he still was not sure if it were real or not. We snagged one picture that you see above which was a reply to one of his tweets. We are...[Read More]

Rumor: Nintendo Switch will have GameCube Virtual Console support

More Nintendo Switch news and leaks are coming in hot. The latest rumor is that the Nintendo Switch will have GameCube Virtual Console support and it will have games like Super Mario Sunshine, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Luigi’s mansion. According to the sources, GameCube support is already tested and working and those three games were the tested titles. The number of platforms to be offere...[Read More]

Rumor: There Will Be New Characters in Smash Bros. Switch

Liam Robertson, well known for his contributions to Unseen64, and Did You Know Gaming has made an interesting tweet regarding Smash Bros. on the Nintendo Switch. He thinks there will be new characters in the Switch version of Super Smash Bros. He did not say what kind of characters would be added in, but did note that there won’t be many additions to the lineup from previous iterations. Many fans ...[Read More]

EB Games leaks that the Nintendo Switch will use USB C for charging

Accessories for the Nintendo Switch are already starting to appear on EB Games. The first accessory being shown is a USB C charging cable which as those of you with new phones or MacBooks will know are super fast at charging devices. Nintendo has yet to say anything on whether it the upcoming console will support that, other outlets seem to think that it will happen. According to our source at Nin...[Read More]

New Halo 5 content has been leaked

UPDATE: 343 Industries have posted a small tease on Twitter of an upcoming gametype. Many think it could be chess. Shall we play a game? pic.twitter.com/7vhzVCgKTc — Halo (@Halo) December 5, 2016 Halo 5 is about to receive one of its biggest content updates since the launch of the Xbox One exclusive. Ever since Halo 5 Forge came to Windows 10 it made it easier for people to look through the ...[Read More]

Marvel vs Capcom 4 could be announced at PlayStation experience 2016

UPDATE: Polygon is reporting that Marvel vs Capcom is in development and is coming in 2017 at some point. There is a new rumor out there that Marvel vs Capcom 4 will be announced during PlayStation Experience. This is all according to NeoGAF user,  Ryce. I wasn’t going to share this, but enough beating around the bush: a few other GAFers and myself were told about a Marvel vs. Capcom 4 announcemen...[Read More]

Rumor: Bulletstorm Remaster To Come In 2017

At E3 2016, flash drives were handed out that contained details about various releases. On the drives were screenshots labeled “Bulletstorm Remaster”. But Microsoft and game developer People Can Fly both declined to answer questions about the game, leaving any details of it unconfirmed. Recently GearBox acquired the rights to Bulletstorm from EA, and GearBox CEO Randy Pitchford tweeted...[Read More]

Rumor: Open World Mario Game On Switch

We all know not to believe everything we read, but Emily Rogers on Twitter has been known to predict quite a few details on the Nintendo Switch on her Twitter and blog. Her most recent posts are about a 3D Mario game that would release on the Nintendo Switch launch date. She tweeted “This isn’t speculation. I’m basing this off things I’ve been hearing for 3-4 months now. 3D...[Read More]

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