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Pumped BMX + will be released this Summer

  OFFICIAL PRESS STATEMENT: Curve Digital announces ‘Pumped BMX +’ – extreme bike sports game flipping, spinning and grinding to consoles this summer Enhanced version of smash hit iOS and Android game ‘Pumped BMX 2’ heading to Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita later this year. Thursday 11th June, 2015 – Hold on to your handlebars and get ready to ...[Read More]

Game Troopers Announce ‘Monster Go!’ For Windows Phone and Windows 8/10 Devices

Game Troopers, the very successful studio behind ‘Tiny Troopers’ for Windows Phone and their recent title for the platform ‘Make It Rain’ have announced a new game coming soon to Windows Phone and Windows 8/10 devices known as ‘Monster Go’. The game is being developed by ‘ThinkBox Studios’ and playtested in collaboration with ‘Plunge Interactiv...[Read More]

Make it Rain: The Love of Money Now Available on Windows Phone with Xbox Live Support

Game Troopers, creators of the highly-successful Tiny Troopers have just launched ‘Make it Rain: The Love of Money’, it’s second title for Windows Phone. The game is a smash hit on iOS and Android with over 12 million downloads across both platforms and has even reached the #1 spot on the Apple App Store. Game Troopers outlined in their press release for Make it Rain that “...[Read More]

Bethesda hits Fortress Fallout creator with a cease-and-desist letter

Bethesda-parent-company Zenimax Media Inc recently sent a cease-and-desist letter to the creator of upcoming mobile game Fortress Fallout, declaring that the name infringed upon their Fallout series and threatened legal consequences if the name wasn’t changed. Fortress Fallout’s maker is Jordan Maron, aka YouTube personality CaptainSparklez, who has amassed an audience of over 8.3 mill...[Read More]

Tiny Troopers Updated On Windows Phone Bringing Exclusive Zombie Mode Not On iOS/Android

In an email to press this morning, Game Troopers announced that ‘Tiny Troopers’ has been updated with an exclusive zombies mode that can only be found on the Windows Phone counterpart of the game. This new mode is exclusive to Windows and is not available on the iOS or Android counterparts of the game. The studio also confirmed in its email to press that their working really hard on a ...[Read More]

Interview with Total Monkery developer and former LucasArts veteran, Richard Weeks

Interview with Total Monkery developer, Richard Weeks, working on MagNets 1. What is MagNets for those that don’t know? Richard: Magnets is a fairly fast paced arcade collect-em-up. The player has to destroy robots that are on a rampage, but with no weapons. The only thing he has of use is his “MagNet”. This net can be placed over the bots and causes them damage. When the bots ar...[Read More]

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