Quantum Break

Remedy tease upcoming game trailer

Remedy Entertainment, the company who launched Quantum Break recently this year for Xbox One and Windows 10 have put a new tease on Twitter. This tease is only 20 seconds long and it features Sam Lake and towards the end of this tease they say “New Game Trailer, Coming Soon. You can check it out below: Coming soon. pic.twitter.com/7HjU1K2uSe — Remedy Entertainment (@remedygames) Novemb...[Read More]

Quantum Break coming to Steam and Retail on September 14th

Remedy Entertainment’s latest game Quantum Break will be making the jump to Steam and retail after being only on the Windows Store since it’s release earlier this year. The Steam and Retail release will priced at 40 euros and 40 dollars. The retail version of Quantum Break will include Premium packaging 5 game Disks ( one- time Steam key redemption required) Making of Blu-Ray Making of Book 1 soun...[Read More]

Quantum Break has yet to sell over 200K in the US at retail

According to the NPD, Quantum Break has yet to sell over 200K at retail in the US. While digital sales aren’t known yet, that number of retail sales is low for a game that was released in early April for both Xbox One and PC and in the UK the game was only able to hit number 7 on the top 10 best selling games of April. Source: ZhugeEX

Quantum Break PC patch released amidst complaints

Quantum Break received a new patch today to fix a number of issues some users are experiencing on the game’s Windows 10 version. Some users have reported issues while trying to run the game on its highest setting, resulting in freezes and unplayability. As we noted in our review, we didn’t experience any issues in the game and we had it running at 1080P and the highest frame rate avail...[Read More]

Remedy acknowledges issues in Quantum Break for Windows 10, fix is on the way.

After having a successful launch on Xbox One and Windows 10, Remedy knows about the issues Quantum Break has had since April 5th. Remedy has put out a status update of what bug fixes are being worked on and what fixes are coming soon. This update includes the problems with frame-rate, crashing when you launch the game, Windows 10 performance issues, and more. Here is the full list: Windows 10 Issu...[Read More]

Quantum Break is now the best-selling new Microsoft Studios IP this generation.

Yesterday it was announced that Quantum Break was the best game in the UK Charts. Now we have received the news that Quantum Break is now the best selling new Microsoft Studios IP this generation. This means that the game has outsold the week one sales of the likes of Insomniac’s Sunset Overdrive and Crytek’s Ryse. Both very good games and it’s very good to see Quantum Break be o...[Read More]

Quantum Break has appeared to be showing up on the Windows 10 store, can’t buy it yet.

UPDATE: Quantum Break’s download size will be 36 GB on Windows 10 and 44 GB on Xbox One. Quantum Break is a time bending third-person shooter from Remedy Entertainment. The game has been quite the story over the past few months with the surprise of it coming to Windows 10 along side the Xbox One. Now it appears that Quantum Break is showing up on the Windows 10 store ahead of its April 5th r...[Read More]

Aaron Greenberg promises more Xbox Exclusives and mentions Quantum Break will not come to Steam.

Ever since the announcement of Quantum Break going to Windows 10 as well as Xbox One. It caused a big deal over twitter and elsewhere. So now big Xbox fans have been questioning about future exclusives. Aaron Greenberg, head of Xbox’s Marketing asked fans not to let this change their perspective on the importance and health of the console business, and expressing commitment to release more c...[Read More]

Quantum Break to have smooth frame rate says PR Head.

Remedy Entertainment’s  Head of PR Thomas Puha gave an honest account on the ins and outs of the recent preview event that will soon generate a wagon-load of articles and interviews about Quantum Break. We all know Quantum Break is a huge anticipated game for Xbox One. Here is what Thomas had to say: Pretty soon you will read a ton of #QuantumBreak hands on previews and in-depth interviews w...[Read More]

Quantum Break has been listed for PC, could be false

  UPDATE: The listing for Quantum Break to PC could be false. Thanks to a spanish site showing an image of it being listed on PC and being taken off. So it is most likely a mistake. Let’s not forget Alan Wake did come to PC as well. We will keep an eye out on official news on this.  Thanks to this site  A listing for the upcoming Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break has filed by the age reg...[Read More]

Quantum Break is close to being finished

Quantum Break is an upcoming third-person shooter action game to be released for the Xbox One. The game is to be release on April 5th 2016. Thomas Puha, Head of PR at Remedy stated on Twitter that the team is close to being finished with Quantum Break. The game was also nominate for most anticipated game of 2016. “Quantum Break for Xbox One is an action-packed, fast paced game in which you b...[Read More]

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