Review: Mafia III on Xbox One

Mafia III drives hard down a familiar road with fun combat and an honest, gritty cast of characters. Too bad it’s a bumpy ride.

Review: Emily Wants to Play – Xbox One

Emily Wants to Play. While she tries her hardest, the game isn’t as fun on the Xbox One.

Review: Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren’s Call – Xbox One

Nightmares from the Deep 2 The Siren’s Call is another point-and-click adventure port to Xbox One, and it’s glaring issues are salvaged by its core puzzle designs.

Review: King Oddball – Xbox One

King Oddball on Xbox One is a great time-filler, and it’s packed with playable levels.

Review: The Bunker – Xbox One

Who would’ve thought anyone would still be interested in publishing FMV titles on Xbox One? The Bunker is Wales Interactive’s latest dive into the gamer road less traveled.

Review: The Final Station – Xbox One

The Final Station is built on the foundation of an awesome idea, but it never really delivers its full potential.

Review: Armello Usurper DLC Pack – Xbox One

Rectify Gaming looks into the true value of Armello’s Usurper DLC Pack for Xbox One.

Review: Armello – Xbox One

Armello is a great segue into the world of tabletop games.

“Primed To The Core”, Our ReCore Review

Game – ReCore Release Date – September 13, 2016 Platform – Xbox One & Windows 10 Developer/Publisher – Armature Studios/Microsoft Studios Once you step into ReCore for the first time right away you can just feel you are on an adventure and that the exploring is limitless. You have Joule, daughter of scientist Dr. Thomas Adams, in the year 2284 and Mack, who is one of your companions throughout...[Read More]

Review: No Man’s Sky

Game – No Man’s Sky Release date – August 9, 2016 Platform – PlayStation 4 (reviewed), Windows Developer/Publisher – Hello Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment Trying to accurately describe Hello Games’ procedurally generated survival-adventure game No Man’s Sky is a bit like attempting to share your insights on the meaning of life – there are numerous ways to approach it, some may have drasticall...[Read More]

Song of the Deep Xbox One Review

Who wasn’t the least bit curious how this GameStop published title was going to hold up? Song of the Deep isn’t the best, but it’s easily one of the better family friendly games on Xbox One.

Carmageddon Max Damage Xbox One Review

Carmageddon Reincarnation was an attempt to revive the franchise. Funded quite successfully through KickStarter, the game took a few years in development, and was met with less than favorable reviews. Now its been rebranded as Carmageddon Max Damage for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners, and the resulting title is a bittersweet dose of nostalgia.

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