Sea of Thieves

Sea Of Thieves update brings game to 0.1.1, adds more islands, seas, and NPC enemies

Sea Of Thieves was first unveiled during Microsoft’s E3 briefing in 2016 and dropped its gangplank for its first public crewmates in December with the first technical preview weekend on Xbox One. Since then, the game has welcomed over 5,000 Xbox One players with promises to include Windows 10 hopefuls in future preview tests. Today, however, the team at Rare Studios are launching an update t...[Read More]

Where Are All the Xbox Exclusives?

Earlier this month gamers awoke to strongly credible rumors regarding the cancellation of the highly-anticipated title Scalebound, rumors that shortly after proved to be true. Scalebound, an Xbox One exclusive title, had been in development for several years, first announced at E3 2014. A trailer and gameplay demo at E3 2016 served to generate significant excitement for the once promising title, a...[Read More]

Latest Sea Of Thieves Inn-side Story focuses on why co-op is necessary to core gameplay

When Sea Of Thieves was first shown off during Microsoft’s E3 2016 presentation, a key aspect of the game that both the developers and Xbox made a point of discussing was the co-operative aspect. As an online-only multiplayer game, getting along with fellow piratey players is something many will find problematic if they’re not playing with close friends. But, in the developers’ l...[Read More]

Sony Japan Studio makes a YouTube channel with videos of Microsoft and Nintendo exclusives

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan and Asia have opened up their official Youtube page and it may come at a bit of a surprise, but they showed off some content in the first video that wasn’t published by them. The channel promised that they’d bring a wide range of content and livestreams from various developers. As you would think that the majority of the content will be of Sony prod...[Read More]

Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha Announced

Rare have officially announced that the greatly anticipated Sea of Thieves will offer up a technical alpha. This is the first time besides conventions some users will be able to play a bit of Sea of Thieves. The Alpha arrives December 16th and will be exclusive to those selected from the Insider Programme. It will of course come with an NDA attached. At its heart, our upcoming shared world pirate ...[Read More]

New Sea Of Thieves Trailer

Rare released a new trailer for Sea of Thieves today that shed more light on outposts that can be found in the game and how they are built. This is the first detail Rare has released that reveals something besides ships and combat. No specific release date has been given yet, but the game is set to release on Xbox One and Windows 10 sometime in 2017. You can watch the trailer here!

Sea of Thieves wins Best Xbox and Multiplayer awards at Gamescom

Sea of Thieves, an upcoming action-adventure video game developed by Rare has won 2 awards at Gamescom 2016. The Xbox Germany account has announced on Twitter by congratulating Rare. Sea of Thieves is a game most people enjoy whenever they play it at a convention, it is pure fun and anyone can play it because whats more fun than destroying ships. Hey @RareLtd congrats on best Multiplayer and best ...[Read More]

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