Titanfall 2

Rumor: Titanfall 2 info leaked! Releasing this October.

A reddit user in the subreddit /r/Titanfall has shared some sensible information with the world about the new game of Respawn – Titanfall 2. The leaker claims the game will release in October, and a new pilot ability includes “the addition of a grappling hook.” He says you will be able to use it extensively for getting into your Titan. The pre-order bonus includes a a handgun cal...[Read More]

Titanfall 2 to release around October-December

EA has released a chart for their Fiscal Year. On it has Mirrors Edge Catalyst in Q1, all your typical sports games in Q2, Q3 has Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2. Now, we didn’t know when exactly Titanfall 2 was going to launch this year all we knew was 2016. Well now we have an idea since it’s in Q3 that means it will launch around October to December since Battlefield launches in Octob...[Read More]

Respawn Working On New Star Wars Game

It’s May 4th and it is no coincidence that EA and Respawn Entertainment made an announcement today about their upcoming Star Wars game. Respawn, a company that is known for making Titanfall and Titanfall 2 possibly coming this year has revealed with EA Studios executive Patrick Soderlund that they are working on a all-new third-person action adventure game set in the Star Wars universe. Over...[Read More]

Rectify Gaming Podcast Episode #28- BETA Showers bring Fall flowers.

Hey guys, welcome to episode 28 of the Rectify Gaming podcast. This time Tyboy, Twizted, and Houndstooth who is debuting his first podcast with us. The crew talks about Halo 5, Destiny, The Division, Titanfall 2, Gears 4, and more! iTunes Stitcher Follow the podcast crew: TwiztedShotzTV Tyboy17 Houndstooth

Titanfall 2 worldwide reveal coming June 12th for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Well Respawn have released a brand new Titanfall 2 teaser for a worldwide reveal at E3 this year on June 12th. It has been officially announced that Titanfall 2 will launch on PC, Xbox One, and PS4! We also learn during the teaser that there will be some type of story which is very exciting for long time Titanfall fans. From this small 45 second teaser they show a leg of a titan and it looks like ...[Read More]

Titanfall coming soon to EA Origin Access.

Titanfall which recently turned 2 years old on March 11th will be heading to EA Origin Access. Origin Access was first revealed in January and promoted as a PC counterpart to EA Access, the publisher’s Xbox One subscription service. Origin Access ostensibly offers “endless PC gaming” for $4.99 a month. What is currently on Origin Access is: Battlefield 3 and 4, the Dragon Age franchise, the Dead S...[Read More]

EA confirms Titanfall 2 releasing this year and Mass Effect Andromeda in 2017

The release windows for both Titanfall 2 and Mass Effect: Andromeda have been confirmed by EA. At a recent event, the Morgan Stanley Media, Technology and Telecom Conference, EA’s CFO Blake Jorgensen, stated to a group at the event about some upcomings going on at the company. They reiterate and clarify the remarks we brought you last week in their earnings call about both Titanfall 2 and Ma...[Read More]

McFarlane Toys have announced a Titanfall 2 line

So it wasn’t too long ago now that we heard some great info on Titanfall 2’s single player and their upcoming television series. The news keeps on pouring on, It now looks like McFarlane toys have announced a Titanfall 2 line. The press release says these toys are a part of the “new 2016 collector box program,” stand seven inches tall, and that they are slated for a winter ...[Read More]

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