Extra Life Charity Stream Recap – We hit $1,000 raised

Over a month ago we had no plans in doing a charity stream for Extra Life, but when our very own Scott Anderson (Shade) brought up the idea to the team we thought it was a no brainer. Rectify Gaming has almost been around for 3 years, December 17th, 2016 will make it officially that old and we never did a charity stream in our time being around. So coming into this event we had low expectations of...[Read More]

Beam live streaming service getting Windows 10 and Xbox One integration

Today in New York, Microsoft announced that Beam, the live streaming service that the company purchased recently, will be getting fully integrated into Xbox One and Windows 10. Beam is an innovative live streaming platform for gaming and more. It offers low latency streams for much better interaction with viewers and also throws interactivity into the mix, allowing viewers to actually control the ...[Read More]

Amazon announces Twitch Prime, users can now upload external videos directly to their channel

Twitch announced two pretty big new features this week in uploads and Twitch Prime. The new uploads feature is currently in beta, and allows all users to upload videos from an external source directly to their channel. All of your past broadcasts can now be downloaded and then re-uploaded for permanent storage as uploaded videos never expire. This also allows you to edit your videos prior to re-up...[Read More]

Twitch custom thumbnails now available for VODS

Starting today all broadcasters and their editors  can now upload a custom thumbnail for any of your past broadcasts or highlights. If you created a VOD in the last month, the option to upload custom thumbnails may not be available until early next year. Here’s how you get started: Go to your Video Manager. Click Edit on any past broadcast or highlight. Select Choose File under the Upload Custom T...[Read More]

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