Rainbow Six Siege’s US And Canadian DLC Operators leaked

A pair of images surfaced on the internet showing two faces allegedly belonging to new Rainbow Six Siege DLC characters. The images (above left) are alleged to have leaked on 4Chan before being re-uploaded to Reddit with the top image said to reveal one of the game’s new Canadian Operators, and the bottom showing a US Operator. However the image (above right) allegedly shows the Canadian def...[Read More]

Watch Dogs 2 maybe released in 2016

So as we already know Ubisoft is stopping the streak of making consecutive Assassin’s Creed games every year. Watch Dogs 2 could release instead. The next chapter in Ubisoft’s open-world hacking series may not only see a release in 2016, but will reportedly take place in San Francisco. For those who were fans of the first one this is awesome news. If they make the multiplayer more enjoyable ...[Read More]

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