Dates for Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta are now in the wild

Ubisoft has announced that fans will be able to get their hands on the open beta of Ghost Recon: Wildlands beginning next week. Anyone interested will be able to load up the game from Thursday February 23rd and play until the 27th. Preload begins on the 21st to save yourself the trouble on launch day. Once complete, the full game will release March 7th for Xbox One. Check out the trailer below and...[Read More]

Battlefield 1 Winter Update

A new update is coming to EA’s latest title in the Battlefield franchise bring back old elements from previous games and including new ones to be implemented into the games multiplayer. First starting it off with Ribbons returning to the game. With over 20 ribbons to unlock, but it’s only the first wave of what they have for us. And even stating that we have a say for any ribbons that ...[Read More]

Nintendo Switch developer info leaked

Some new information that developers of the Nintendo Switch have received has managed to leak and is currently making rounds around the internet. Keep in mind this information is from documents that were published in July, so anything could have changed by this point. This list is copied from the post over on reddit by user dreamsomebody, and you can find a list of specs from Dystify on NeoGAF. An...[Read More]

X-Morph: Defense combines top-down shooters and tower defense and adds fully destructible environments

The top down shooter and tower defense genre are getting a new addition to their repertoire as Exor studios announced X-Morph Defense today. It’s a hybrid shooter featuring elements of both genres, as well as including fully destructible environments for the first time.  Most of these games have us controlling the humans on Earth in an attempt to defend froma takeover. In this game, however,...[Read More]

Street Fighter V reveals Kolin, the Phantasm of Snow and Ice

Capcom revealed the newest character for Street Fighter V today in Kolin. Known as the Phantasm of Snow and Ice, she is able to use cold powers as projectiles and up close attacks. Apparently a Bolshevik fighter, Kolin is appartently to bring the heat. As seen in the reveal trailer, Kolin is predominantly an up close brawler that focuses on combos and air juggles. She was originally in Street Figh...[Read More]

Rocket League developer Psyonix announces Hot Wheels DLC releasing this month

Well, it was really only a matter of time until Hot Wheels came to Rocket League, right? Today Psyonix announced the DLC would release this month and include two vehicles. The Bone Shaker and Twin Mill III will be the two cars included and cost $1.99 each. Each DLC car will be sold separately for USD $1.99 (or regional equivalent) and come with six Decals and an exclusive set of Wheels. The update...[Read More]

The NBA and Take-Two Interactive now own a professional Esports league

The National Basketball Association is now the owner of an Esports league. Announced today, the league is partnering with Take-Two Interactive on the launch of a new league. Set to debut in 2018, the first-of-its-kind competitive gaming league will consist of teams operated by actual NBA franchises, and will follow a professional sports league format: competing head-to-head throughout a regular se...[Read More]

Xbox Snap is gone, but it may have a replacement already

As readers will know, Xbox lost its Snap Mode feature in a recent build update to the system via the Xbox Insider Program. While some fans may wish it good riddance, other have lost a valuable feature for multi-viewing content on their console. Since Windows 10 and Xbox are now built on the same unified core codebase, known as OneCore, features enabled specifically for one have make it easier for ...[Read More]

Killer Instinct first batch of Ultimates get released next week

We finally know when the first set of Ultimates will release for Killer Instinct, and it will be next week. The KI Central blog posted the details, where it will include Ultimates for five characters, and the remaining 10 will come at a later date. They will be a free download, and include characters Jago, Mayo, TJ Combo, Thunder and Tusk. In order to use them, just as the original, you’ll n...[Read More]

For Honor season pass details released in new trailer

Ubisoft released all of the details surrounding the For Honor season pass today, including for the first time putting all of the content out on launch day. Everything other than the playable heroes,which are broken down below, will be included on release February 14th, 2017. The For Honor Season Pass can be purchased alongside the full game or through the Gold Edition. The contents of the For Hono...[Read More]

LEGO Dimensions details on Goonies, LEGO City Undercover and more revealed in new trailer

Warner Bros and Tt Games revealed the newest details on Wave 8 of LEGO Dimensions today, to release this May 9th on Xbox One. Wave 8 of the game will include The Goonies level pack, Harry Potter Fun Pack with Hermoine Grainger and LEGO City Undercover Fun Pack with Chase McCain. Each will of course have an accompanying vehicle/item allowing three different rebuilds through the upgrade menu. Goonie...[Read More]

Nvidia offering For Honor and Ghost Recon: Wildlands free with GeForce GTX bundle

Nvidia announced that they are offering a free game of choice for players who purchase any GeForce GTX bundle, and players can choose between two Ubisoft titles in For Honor and Ghost Recon: Wildlands. All you have to do is buy either a GeForce GTX 1070 or 1080 graphics card, system or laptop and you’ll receive a code for either of the two games to be digitally downloaded. For Honor releases...[Read More]

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