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Developers have already created a version of Pokemon GO for HoloLens

David Robustelli and his team at CapitolaVR created a version of Pokemon GO for the HoloLens, announcing the project on his twitter showing footage of the game being used. We created a full immersive @Pokemon Go version for the @HoloLens #PokemonGO #HoloLens #wannaplay #MixedReality — David Robustelli (@RobustelliDavid) July 14, 2016 Microsoft have stated that havi...[Read More]

Microsoft originally tried to partner with Nintendo and Sony before the Xbox was reality

Lets take a small history lesson, I promise it will be interesting though. Before Microsoft went into the development of home consoles, they first tried to partner with other well respected companies. These companies if you didn’t guess was Sony and Nintendo. In a interview with IGN, Xbox co-creator Ed Fries put more light into the subject.  “When we first started thinking about doing ...[Read More]

Project Spark is going offline

Project Spark, the game that allows you to create and share games is going offline. Beginning today you can no longer download the game on PC and Xbox marketplace. After August 12, online services will go offline. Without this, you will no longer be able to download assets, other creations, or upload your creations. If you have bought the Project Starter Kit that was sold in retail outlets you wil...[Read More]

Age of Ascent being ported to the Xbox One, closes the bridge between platforms

Illyraid Games, developers of Age of Ascent have big goals in mind. In a interview by WCCF Tech, CEO James Niesewand shared information about importing the game to the Xbox One, and how the technology for that would work. Right now, Age of Ascent has been imported to the Windows platform. Using Microsoft’s Azure cloud the developers are very optimistic about reaching 50,000 players in one Pv...[Read More]

Microsoft is still prioritizing the Xbox One Phil Spencer says

There have been some controversies about Microsoft taking their main interests into the PC world, and straying from the Xbox One. Phil Spencer on the other hand says other wise. On an interview with VentureBeat, Phil talked about how in short term the main focus is on the Xbox One, and how Xbox will have a “nice” E3. And the next focus is how to integrate Xbox and PC gaming more closel...[Read More]

Sony’s statement in Microsoft’s offer for Cross-play

Sony has released a statement for Microsoft’s invite to join certain game networks or “cross-play”, on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. On Monday Microsoft did a surprising move and announced they will connect certain games on the Xbox One, Windows 10, and other  “online multiplayer networks”, also inviting Sony to join in. This would allow a lot of gamers from around ...[Read More]

Is Microsoft closing more studios?

UPDATE: It appears that the Lionhead studio logo is back up on the Microsoft studios page. Wither its because the studio will not shutdown, or another reason, I think we all are pleased. Thanks to for finding this one.   In recent news Microsoft has laid of Lionhead Studios, alone with the developing Xbox title, Fable Legends. They have also said that the studio Press Play will be di...[Read More]

More Xbox One exclusives coming to Windows 10?

Microsoft and Xbox for awhile now have been wanting to integrate Xbox gaming to PC gaming. We have already seen an example of this by Xbox announcing that Quantum Break will release on Windows 10, and so far fans have mixed feelings about this. One side says that its good that Quantum break and more are releasing on more platforms. More people can play,  more money will be made to make more games,...[Read More]

Microsoft may be close to releasing HoloLens development kit

HoloLens have been getting alot of attention since they have been announced last year by Microsoft, and for good reason. If you don’t know what the HoloLens are (are you sleeping under a rock?) it is a virtual reality headgear. Microsoft took notice that VR is a big topic that the public likes. They also took notice that other companies are making products for the demand of the technology li...[Read More]

What is Microsoft’s new trademark “Roboraid”?

A new trademark for Microsoft has popped up under the name Roboraid. Originally spotted by Dualshockers, the trademarked is listed under video game software but no other information was provided. It was filed just five days ago January 11th, so we’ll have to wait until more to find out. It’s not quite “wait till E3” territory yet, but we should definitely hear something bef...[Read More]

The Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Will Be In Short Supply Until March

As we said in a earlier article the Xbox One Elite Controller is in short supply. This is because Microsoft’s sales estimates were incorrect and the $150 controller sold out very quickly. Now according to a Microsoft representative the controllers supply will be limited until March 2016. ‘While the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is sold out in many retailers around the world, we are wo...[Read More]

Xbox’s Elite Controller Is In High Demand But On A Shortage

Microsoft did not expect the Xbox Elite Controller to be so popular. It might have been because of its large price tag $150 that Microsoft thought that the Xbox One controller would not sell a lot, but that is far from the truth. The demand has been so high for the controller that even Gamestop and Amazon are sold out. Apparently Xbox One owners are very satisfied with the controller Despite its h...[Read More]

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