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Developers have already created a version of Pokemon GO for HoloLens

David Robustelli and his team at CapitolaVR created a version of Pokemon GO for the HoloLens, announcing the project on his twitter showing footage of the game being used. We created a full immersive @Pokemon Go version for the @HoloLens #PokemonGO #HoloLens #wannaplay #MixedReality — David Robustelli (@RobustelliDavid) July 14, 2016 Microsoft have stated that havi...[Read More]

Pokemon GO about to get better!

It’s been practically a week since the Global hit Pokemon GO app came out, and just recently there’s information on a new update! CEO John Hanke of Niantic recently talked about how Pokemon Go is about to get heaps better with deeper in game mechanics to encourage people to stick around the game as much as possible. One feature is that it will improve usage of pokestops and pokemon gym...[Read More]

Windows 10 apps coming to Xbox One this Summer.

A lot of new information is coming out from GDC today, The Verge has reported that this Summer developers will be able to bring Windows 10 apps to the Xbox One this Summer. We knew that this would be coming but now we get a clear picture of when it really could happen. Expect Microsoft to talk more about this at Build later this month among other Windows/Xbox things. Apparently, Microsoft is plann...[Read More]

It looks like the Xbox One will get hardware upgrades.

Xbox One head, Phil Spencer has hinted that the Xbox One will be getting hardware upgrades. Spencer likened the Xbox One’s future to that of a PC, with upgrades to boost performance. This move appears to end Microsoft’s interest in a console which will remain technically static until the company’s next generation box comes around.  “Consoles lock the hardware and the softwa...[Read More]

Microsoft HoloLens Development Kit now available for pre-order. Ships This March.

Microsoft has officially announced that the HoloLens development kit is now available for pre-order at $3,000 and will start to ship on March 30th. It also comes with three games: Young Conker, Fragments and RoboRaid. Young Conker is based on the original squirrel although is developed by Asobo Studios rather than Rare. Fragments in a crime drama which “blends the line between the digital wo...[Read More]

Podcast Episode #19- The Division in modern day gaming

In this latest episode Tyboy, Twizted, Moose and our special guest, N64Josh talk The Division, Destiny, Halo, Rocket League, Hololens and more. Listen to the guys chat while the moose is on the loose. Check it out on iTunes Follow the podcast members: N64Josh Moose TwiztedShotzTV Tyboy Stay tuned to more podcasts every week!

Microsoft may be close to releasing HoloLens development kit

HoloLens have been getting alot of attention since they have been announced last year by Microsoft, and for good reason. If you don’t know what the HoloLens are (are you sleeping under a rock?) it is a virtual reality headgear. Microsoft took notice that VR is a big topic that the public likes. They also took notice that other companies are making products for the demand of the technology li...[Read More]

What is Microsoft’s new trademark “Roboraid”?

A new trademark for Microsoft has popped up under the name Roboraid. Originally spotted by Dualshockers, the trademarked is listed under video game software but no other information was provided. It was filed just five days ago January 11th, so we’ll have to wait until more to find out. It’s not quite “wait till E3” territory yet, but we should definitely hear something bef...[Read More]

HoloLens battery lasts up to 5.5 hours during normal use.

Microsoft have been inviting developers to experience HoloLens at the companies flagship store in New York City. Microsoft has been hesitant in providing details like retail availability, pricing, and battery life. Bruce Harris, a Microsoft Technical Evangelist, has shared some new details about the HoloLens headset, addressing some concerns and the battery life. In a video from an event in Tel Av...[Read More]

Streaming Xbox One Games to HoloLens confirmed

A video  Varun Man ( project manager on Microsoft’s augmented reality goggle tech, HoloLens.) took where he starts playing Halo 5 on a TV, pauses, turns around then resumes playing on a screen that he can put wherever he wants. Now that we know HoloLens can play Xbox One games, maybe not all of them but as big Halo fans this is huge and makes HoloLens worth the money and wait. This hasn’t be...[Read More]

Community Article – HoloLens & Heads on Impression By Tim Dog

Heads on and not hands on because it’s on your head it is adjusted to your skull it isn’t supposed to be on your forehead or lean on your bridge of your nose,  the HoloLens is just supposed be set above your eyes.  The unit itself is comfortable,  it has a little rolling spin to tighten or to lose to fit your cranium.  Now that I explained how it is equipped I will go into my experienc...[Read More]

“We’re Doing Things That Cant Be Done On Any Other Console” – Kudo Tsunoda

Xbox Executive, Kudo Tsunoda is confident that the Xbox One has a lot more going on than their competing platforms. In a recent interview with GameIndustry International Kudo talks about brand new Xbox One features like Backwards Compatibility, cross play and cross buy with PC and how the Xbox One has the upper hand. Here are some points Kudo points out: “With backwards compatibility, it isn...[Read More]

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