Cheer us on with Rectify Esports

For the past 2 years I’ve been working with different people to create an Esports team for Rectify Gaming. It’s something I’ve always wanted to pursue, but it wasn’t a project I wanted to rush and it did not have to be done as soon as possible so I could take my time with this. There is a lot going into Rectify Esports with us having a Halo and Call of Duty team which you will learn more about in the coming days and weeks and with us acquiring The Halo Competitive Hub on Facebook. 

What will happen with tournaments?

Tournaments will still be a thing through Rectify Esports we will still host them like we always do. We just thought Rectify Esports sounds a lot better.

What is the Halo team called?

Our Halo team isn’t just called Rectify Gaming, it’s called Rectify Gaming Bees for a reason that you’ll find out one of these days

What about the Call of Duty Team? .

We are still working out the details on our Call of Duty team. We hope to have information on players soon.

The roster for our Halo team is almost ready to be revealed, our very own Myhaty has been working on putting a team together for a while now. He has been hosting tryouts quietly for the past few months and now we can’t wait to see the quality of our team moving forward.

Not only are we having an Esports team, but we are going to bring more HCS news to you right here at Rectify Gaming. We are going to dive deeper into the news of competitive gaming and to start off it will be with Halo.


Owner and founder of Rectify Gaming.

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