Could we be getting a new Xbox?

Could we be getting a new Xbox?

Today Neogaf user ekim has found something interesting regarding the Xbox one revision and has predicted a new Xbox will be coming out by investigating into the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) fillings.

He goes on to say how every device that has wireless technology that is being sold in the US has to be approved by the FCC and how Microsoft are testing another wireless chip for FCC approval. The console itself he explains is called the ‘Host’. He then provides proof of this saying that the wireless chip in the Xbox One was approved under a certain model number, and that if you look into the source he has provided, it gives ANOTHER device number, potentially hinting to a new device, which most people who have commentated (Including ekim himself) have speculated it to be another Xbox, (Or the Xbox Slim).

The final part of the thread explains how we’ll see more surprises than we bargained for at E3 due to the NDA expiring on June 25th…

For the full story from ekim, click on the link below:

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