Destiny 2 could have consistent small narrative updates

Destiny 2 could have consistent small narrative updates

The one problem that many fans had with Destiny was with how the story was handled. However, it seems that they may be looking at changing that with the upcoming Destiny 2. Thanks to NeoGAF for finding this job listings for Bungie and one of the positions were Narrative Director. Bungie may be looking to do routine, consistent small scale narrative updates for Destiny 2.

It looks like Bungie is bringing in a whole lot of people to handle the story as there are so many listings for Narrative Director’s such as Senior, Head, and Live.

Bungie is looking for an experienced Director of Development with a passion for the craft of storytelling to manage our studio’s growing Narrative Department, which is comprised of the following disciplines: Writing, Cinematics, Narrative Design, Localization, and Audio.

This could be a great sign moving forward for Bungie and the Destiny series as we hope to expect a lot more updates in the next one and of course new surprises.

Destiny 2 is apparently slated to launch this year, for Xbox One and PS4, and presumably for PC.


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