Destiny Tip And Tricks – Vendor Weapons To Pick Up Before Rise Of Iron.

Destiny Tip And Tricks – Vendor Weapons To Pick Up Before Rise Of Iron.

Not geared up as much as you should be for Rise of Iron? Here is a guide on weapons you should pick up that will increase your gameplay. Let’s start with Auto Rifles.

Auto Rifles:

DealBreaker: Screenshot-Original (13)The DealBreaker is a low tier rate of fire Auto Rifle with great stability, range, and reload speed. The Crucible Vendor has a good PVE roll if you like Auto Rifles. Crowd Control makes taking down groups of enemies feel like a knife through butter. The combination of Braced Frame and Counter Balance will make your accuracy game on point. Counter Balance is a really good perk, it eliminates all weapon knock back except for vertical, meaning the only knock back your reticle will have is up and down. This is the Auto Rifle you’ll want to pick up if you love Auto Rifle usage in PVE.

Righteous VII: Screenshot-Original (16)The PVP Auto Rifle pick this time around in the Vendor rotation. It is a medium rate of fire with decent range and good stability. Just by itself the gun is fantastic, however this roll from New Monarchy is godly. Perfect Balance, Reinforced Barrel, and Counter Balance. Perfect Balance gives this gun a major amount of Stability, combine that with Reinforced Barrel which takes away some of the guns Stability but gives it twice as much range that it had before and you really have something. Oh and this gun also has Counter Balance if it has not already been sold to you. Pick this up if you’re a PVP player.


Pulse Rifles:

The Villany: Screenshot-Original (12)The Villany is a high rate of fire Pulse Rifle from The Future War Cult with decent range, but has good stability and reload speed. Head Seeker makes it so body shots will make head shots will have increased damage for a short time, in PvP this perk allows the Villany to three burst kill if you land your shots. Perfect Balance for increased stability. Glass Half Full makes the bottom half of your magazine to do increased damage, combine that with the increased precision damage from Head Seeker and you could 2 burst someone. Overall a god roll if you like this archetype of Pulses. Great for PvP and PvE

Apple of Discord:Screenshot-Original (21) The only Vanguard weapon in this article, and for good reason too. The Apple of Discord is a fun take on the existing Pulse Rifle “The Villany”. Both guns have the same stats for their rate of fire. Apple of Discord has slightly more range but slightly less stability and reload speed than The Villany. The perks are Head Seeker, Counter Balance, and Hand Loaded which gives additional range. This is a Hakke Pulse Rifle so it shoots 4 shots in a burst but does less damage per shot to compensate. This is a good roll for both PvE and PvP.

HawkSaw: Screenshot-Original (14)Unlike the other Pulses in this thread, the Hawksaw is a faster rate of fire archetype. This Pulse Rifle is a god in PvP, it completely melts in the Crucible, let’s look at the perks. Fitted Stock, Counter Balance, and Small Bore. Fitted Stock increases the stability slightly, but when pared with Counter Balance then the gun has very little recoil. Small Bore increases stability and range but reduces your magazine size and reload speed. The three perks you’ll want on this weapon increases your stability, your gun will shoot with ease and feel like a dream. Definitely a top needed pickup for anyone who does not already have this gun.


Scout Rifles:

Last Extremity:Screenshot-Original (15) Last Extremity is a low rate of fire high impact archetype Scout Rifle. Last Extremity is the only decent roll Scout Rifle from the April Update Vendor weapon refresh. This Scout has high range but low stability, however you won’t feel the stability on this gun because of the low fire rate. Triple Tap, rapidly landing 3 percision shots adds 1 shot to the magazine. Zen Moment, dealing damage with this weapon increases stability. Again, this Scout is decent, only pick it up if you’re in need of a Scout rifle for PvE.



Conviction 2:Screenshot-Original (17) Like Sidearms? Then you’ll love this sidearm. Range Finder, Spray and Pray, Appended Magazine. Range Finder increases the range of your gun when you’re aiming down sights. Spray & Pray increases the reload speed of your gun while it’s empty. Appended Magazine, decrease to reload speed, increase to magazine size. Overall a great roll, the increase to range while aiming is godly on Sidearms. Good for PvP and PvE.


Fusion Rifles:

Screenshot-Original (22)The Vacancy: A low rate of fire, near max impact. The Vacancy has Hot Swap, Braced Frame, and Range Finder. Hot Swap majorly increases your accuracy upon switching to the weapon. Braced Frame maxes out Stability on The Vacancy, giving it very little recoil. Range Finder boosts the guns aim assist slightly. This gun is a top pick if you use Fusion Rifles, good for both PvP and PvE.



Screenshot-Original (19)The Next Big Thing: Good for PvE, if you’re looking for a PvP shotty then your better option is to get the Conspiracy Theory-D from “The Never Ending” quest. Fast Firing lower impact shotgun. Crowd Control, Full Auto, Perfect Balance. Crowd Control makes it ideal for PvE because you’ll be mowing down a lot of tier 1 and 2 enemies. Full Auto fires the gun automatically when holding down the trigger, having Perfect Balance on top of that increases your likelihood on keeping your aim straight. This is a good Shotgun to farm #Omnibaggel.


Heavy Machine Guns:

Ruin Wake:Screenshot-Original (20) Objection IV is a good replacement for Ruin Wake, however Ruin Wake is the better of the two. Ruin Wake is a Heavy Machine Gun. The Crucible Vendor roll has Field Choke, Counter Balance, High Caliber-Rounds, and Range Finder. Field Choke, more range and impact, increased recoil. Counter Balance, increases stability and removes any side to side recoil, meaning there’s only vertical recoil. High Caliber-Rounds, more impact, slightly increases recoil. Range Finder, increases range when zooming in. If you’re in need of a Heavy Machine Gun for PvE this is your pick, if you need a PvP Machine Gun, then this is not your first pick but it’ll get the job done.

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