Double Dragon IV announced

Double Dragon IV announced

Looks like Christmas is a day late for lifelong Double Dragon fans, but who cares? Publisher/developer Arc System Works is going to release Double Dragon 4 for the PS4 and Steam (more to come on the lack of Xbox One release).

After Double Dragon III, many of the other Double Dragon games appeared such as Super Double Dragon/Return of the Double Dragon for the Super Nintendo/Famicom, Double Dragon Advanced for the GBA, and Double Dragon Neon for the 7th gen systems (Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons doesn’t count). But there was never really a “true” Double Dragon 4 in its title. Most gamers assumed it was Super Double Dragon, but alas, it wasn’t. Yet, there was still Double Dragon V for the Super NES. Hmmmm…..

Still, hearing news of a new Double Dragon 4 game has many gamers excited over this, especially the old-school, 8-bit types, since the graphics actually mimic the NES versions of the series. For example, the newly released trailer has the Lee Brothers in Double Dragon II sprites fighting Abobos in Double Dragon I sprites. The Lee Brothers can also use double team air combos, such kicking an enemy into the air while your teammate sends him/her back with his own attack (a new mechanic for the series).

It’s baffling as to why Arc Systems will not release the game for the Xbox One. Sure, the system may not be as popular as the PS4, but it still has a strong install base. No word yet as to why. Time will tell if it will also be released for the Switch.

Double Dragon 4 will be out on Steam and PS4 on January 30th, 2017 for 800 Yen (about $8).

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