E3 2017 will open to the public for the first time

E3 2017 will open to the public for the first time

Each year, the Electronic Entertainment Exposition, known to many simply as E3, welcomes press to show off and write news regarding the latest development in the latest games, including announcing all-new titles altogether. This year, however, non-press entrants will be welcomed for the first time in the exposition’s history, but at a steep cost.

The show, held in Los Angeles, California, will indeed be opening its doors to general consumers and press alike. But, as mentioned, there will be a limit to the event’s entrant demographic: only 15,000 general admittance tickets will be sold, and they’ll cost at least $150 USD to get. According to the new arrangement, these general admission tickets will sell for a full price of $250 USD, but interested parties can get an ‘early bird’ price cut of $100, ergo the $150 price mentioned first, if they buy their ticket(s) on this upcoming Monday, February 13th.

While selling tickets to one of the most popular expositions next CES is great news, the price is what will likely cause fans the most grief, as it’s quite steep compared to other video game expositions held elsewhere. For example, Eurogamer notes that Gamescom, held in Germany, has been accessible to the public for quite a while only cost entrants around $20 USD this past year, and those were the most expensive day-tickets.

This decision to charge general consumers to get into E3, while expensive, makes logistical and financial sense for the exposition organizers, as Eurogamer notes. E3 2016 lost both EA and Activision as exhibitors, and both companies put on their own events in the area so they could have their showcase on their own terms. This, and any more departures from the exposition lineup, means a financial hit for the organizers, so, while the tickets are expensive even with the discount, it will allow E3 to stay financed and continue to be a premiere showcase event for video games.

Via: Eurogamer, GameSpot

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