EA’s next releases, according to their conference call: what we know

EA’s next releases, according to their conference call: what we know

If you’re joining from EA’s financial call story, you’ll already know how the company did last year and quarter, as well as a summarized version of what’s to follow. However, if you aren’t coming from that story, definitely check it out to know how EA did financially last quarter as well as some of its record numbers for playerbase and play-time in some of its top games. Now, we come to the preview information, courtesy again of video game analyst Daniel Ahmad on Twitter.

Ahmad tweeted highlights of the conference call, detailing various upcoming titles and releases from EA. First, we know to expect the already-known Star Wars Battlefront 2 launch this holiday season. During the call, however, EA mentioned major, albeit ambiguous, improvements coming to the sequel later this year. According to Ahmad, EA said that Battlefront 2 would have “[m]ore locations, [m]ore game modes, more eras, more ships, [and] more heroes” as well as a new single-player campaign that EA said would have the “[b]est experience.”

EA talked about a new entry into the Need for Speed racing franchise, due out during fiscal year 2018, according to Ahmad. The game, Ahmad tweeted would be the “most ambitious title in the franchise” giving us as players a lot of hope. Transitioning from cars and the stars, we come to EA’s discussion on the next FIFA, Madden, NHL, and UFC launches. No timelines were given, but they will likely appear as part of the yearly sequel sequence. Ahmad tweeted that there will be a new UFC game, as well as an NHL 18 launch. Along with that, he notes that Madden NFL 2018 will utilize the Frostbite game engine. FIFA 18 will also bring a new single-player experience, The Journey 2, with “new characters [and] storylines,” according to Ahmad.

Ahmad also reported that EA confirmed various launches of current, and likely future, games on other platforms. Namely, Ahmad writes that “EA also confirmed today that FIFA will launch on Nintendo Switch” which is great for franchise fans, so we will have to wait to hear more in the future as Nintendo’s Switch console approaches launch and games for it finalize development. As a last note in possibly-dismal news from EA, CEO Andrew Wilson said Skate 4 is not being worked on, and will not be a fiscal year 2018 release.

To round out with new game releases, we have news of an unnamed upcoming launch from Bioware. Ahmad tweets that Bioware “will deliver brand new IP before March 31st 2018,” which is the end of fiscal year 2018. He then writes that the game will be a “[n]ew [a]ction title” that will bring “friends together to play in a new universe.” Ahmad doesn’t specify what kind of ‘new universe’, but the game will likely feature multiplayer by his description, and is also likely to launch by the end of fiscal year 2018.

Source: Daniel Ahmad via Twitter

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