Evil Within sequel may have been leaked by a job listing

Evil Within sequel may have been leaked by a job listing

2014’s The Evil Within brought fans of the horror-survival genre an intense experience.  Since the game’s launch in October of that year, we haven’t heard many, if any, rumblings of sequels or expansions past the game’s DLC.  Courtesy of a Japanese job listing found by a user on NeoGAF, we have reason to believe a sequel is in development.

What we have as far as evidence goes is a job listing in Japanese, posted by NeoGAF user Dusk Golem.  Dusk Golem provided an English translation and we translated it ourselves to check the accuracy, here’s the job listing:

The Evil Within 2 Psychobreak 2 Job Listing Leak

And, pardoning our translation, here it is in English:

[Japanese-English bug report translator] Total 1 person
Title: Psychobreak 2
Language: English – Japanese
Number of people: 1 person
Place: Nearest station: Tamachi *onsite work
Period (planned): From 4/10 (Mon) or later until 10/31 (Tue) 5 days a week
Saturdays, Sundays, and public holiday operations: There is a possibility, but I think that it is almost there
Work period extension: Possibly
Hour unit price: 1,400 yen (negotiable)
Time: 10:30 ~ 19:30 Production: 8.0h Break: 1h Overtime: possibility of occurrence
Transportation expenses: Separately provided
Job content (planned):
-DH domestic testers issued QA bug (Japanese) Bug translation to English for international development staff
-Specification materials / debugging usage method and work instructions prepared by overseas development staff are translated for DH tester
-Specification grasp of touching some real machine before the bug translation will occur
-Target Hardware: PS4/X1

The title of the game being bug-tested, Psychobreak 2, coincides with the Japanese name for the first The Evil Within game: Psychobreak.  This job is, based on what we know, to translate bugs tests and reports for an unannounced sequel to The Evil Within.  The listing’s time frame is from April 10 to October 31, so that gives us a ‘not likely going to release’ window up until Halloween this year.  The job listing also specifies that the testing will be done for target hardware including the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but not PC which is interesting.

While we know little-to-nothing about a sequel to the 2014 horror game, it’s safe to say we’ll likely hear something from Bethesda in the coming months, especially as E3 is fast approaching.  If we learn more about The Evil Within‘s sequel, we’ll keep you updated, but until then be sure to stay tuned to Rectify Gaming for the latest.

Source: NeoGAF

Via: PlayStation Lifestyle

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