Forza Horizon 2 January 2015 Car Pack Review

Forza Horizon 2 January 2015 Car Pack Review

The new DLC Pack For January 2015 has been out for a few hours now and I have had some time with all of the cars. Some cars will seem obvious on the way they feel and react to the Forza world, but some will also be a shocking surprise. Going into this DLC i was skeptical on the choice of cars this time. They just didn’t seem like they belonged in Forza Horizon, with the exception of the MazdaSpeed3 And the F150 Shelby Raptor. The Ford Bronco was really a hit or miss, of course its different and never used in a forza game so everyone wants to try it, and i can completely agree with the hype this vehicle is bringing. Its a Ford Bronco, who wouldn’t wanna get behind the wheel of this thing with a massive amount of power? The bronco was a solid car, of course the weight and such made it feel like a boat when it was driven, the car did stay well planted to the ground because of its weight. I would of much rather had a newer body style bronco because the way the body looks and the size but we cant always get what we want. Another very skeptical car and very under hyped car was the Subaru Brat, which came natural as a 4×4 Subaru Pickup of some sort. This car or truck stock was very very under powered to standards how powerful cars are today, 60HP Is not enough to make this car fun stock, but once you put a WRX Motor or even a Big Bad V8, this car was insane. The next car was a giant surprise to a majority of people, including myself. The Nissan IDx (Nismo Spec) makes its debut in Forza Horizon 2 and its coming in style. This thing, was an absolute large amount of fun stock. It looks amazing, it looks futuristic and it runs like a dream. The motor swaps in this thing are amazing! A 2JZ Nissan IDx? Count me in. The Ford F150 SVT Raptor Shelby was an all around great truck, but to me felt just like the raptor. This truck feels like i could of just got a Normal Raptor. Of course its a Shelby version and its got different power and weight and some looks, but it just feels the same to me, which isn’t bad. Why change something that feels pretty good to start? Ferrari 500 Mondial, being a very expensive classic car, there isn’t a whole lot to expect from it. Very light, good steering, slight power but always a strong finisher. Lastly the free car of the pack, which is also my absolute favorite car; the Mazda “MazdaSpeed” 3 Wagon. My all time favorite car in this pack. I love this car so much that it was the first car I built, and the whole time I wanted more and more of this car. It looks amazing. Handles amazing. Sounds amazing. Just a very well made and built car. I took some extra time to build the car to the way I like it, give it a tune, and drive it around and i can not stress how much better this car gets over time and effort. I even took some effort to getting some pictures of the finished product so i can show the beauty to you guys. The January 2015 Car pack is a great pack overall, its got a mixture of great handling cars, to different but fun cars. If you haven’t already picked up this DLC Pack, I highly recommend that you do, if you can’t then grab the free car and enjoy a taste of this great pack.

Speed3 Far Speed 3 Far 2 Speed3 Dramatic Speed3 back close Speed3 close

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