Forza Horizon 3 February DLC Clue Thread Guesses W/ Metro

Forza Horizon 3 February DLC Clue Thread Guesses W/ Metro

Clue 1 Car 1: I only take “no” for an answer. Is that understood?

So i recognized the quote but i wasnt sure from where so i began to look into it, i quickly found it was a quote from the yellow submarine a beatles Film. In the dialoge for the film a character “Big Blue Meanie” Says the quote “Big Blue Meanie: WHAT?! [he grabs Max by his ears] We Meanies only take NO for an answer! Is that understood, Max?” after then searching for the keywords Big Blue Meanie i came across this website ( labeling an Older holden as the big blue meanie built car. That being said after all this research and if this is a coincidence then boy am i bad at this, but i firmly believe this is the car we are getting if not exact a newer version of the big blue meanie.


Clue 1 Car 2: VW and Porsche have not cornered the market on frunks.
De Tomaso Pantera, Mid Engine and designed to compete with porsche and vw’s mid engine cars. i do believe it was in a previous forza before so the probability of it coming back is fairly high.

Clue 1 Car 3: We Americans tried something very different when we built the racetrack at COTA.
“Saturn Sky” Built the same year as the Circuit of the americas (COTA) And tuned on the track, was also americas attempt at a car that can corner more or less than just a straight line speed.


Clue 1 Car 4: While $358/horsepower may seem like a lot, you get a much more than just loads of torque.
The only thing i can find that i guess makes sense is an Internatial D358 Diesel Engine used in tractors/Big City Trucks.i doubt it will be a tractor but possible a big heavy truck of some sort? The engine code and everything could be a coincidence but its forza, so who knows anymore right?



Clue 1 Car 5: Very excellent real life quotes to help you get through the day: Enjoy the ride. It’s all about the journey. Race or die! Run for your life!
Dodge Journey, Well there isnt much behind my decision, Enjoy the ride. Its all about the “journey” Points towards some SUV Type vehicle and dodge have been around racing since it first started, thats where the race or die quote makes me feel its a dodge. The run for your life quote feels like it points towards a Plymouth Roadrunner, which was the same company as dodge. Could all be a speculation to a lie but who knows

Clue 1 Car 6: Sometimes just sounding like you are going fast is as good as going fast.
Honda S800 (Rev Limit is 9K RPM @ 70 HP) 70 Horsepower with a 9k rev limit? Loud and slow is written all over this

Clue 1 Car 7:
Honda Civic Type-R, The video teaching us about the letter R, Because you always have to explain what a type-R Car is to anyone who doesnt understand cars

type r

Let us know what you think of the choices i made on the possible cars for the next dlc release, do you agree or disagree with anything?

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