Forza Horizon 3 players to get two free cars alongside Duracell Car Pack

Forza Horizon 3 players to get two free cars alongside Duracell Car Pack

Today, Turn 10 and Playground Games are launching two special vehicles alongside the latest car pack to hit Forza Horizon 3.  The Duracell Car Pack includes seven new cars, from the 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 to the 1959 BMW 507, and is available as part of the Car Pass or for $6.99 USD on its own.  Along with those cars, Turn 10 is releasing two cars for free to all players, and here’s the scoop.

The first bonus car, announced alongside the Duracell Car Pack, is the Spano GTA Spania with a special Duracell-themed livery.  The car is a great addition to any driver’s digital garage, and can be found by looking in the store for “Forza Horizon 3 GTA Spano”, downloading it, and relaunching the game once it installs.  The second car’s unveil trailer is embedded below, have a watch.

The second car comes straight from the Geneva International Motor Show, literally.  Indian carmaker Tata’s new sub-brand TAMO unveiled its first production vehicle today, the Racemo.  The Racemo is a three-cylinder, 188hp two-seater that is actually set to release to physical customers in 2018.  Today, however, as one of the three branches of Tamo’s marketing campaign for their new car.  The car will be sent to all Horizon 3 owner via an in-game message under the Social tab, in the Gifts section.

While fans may still be missing their favorite cars, free is always the best price to get new cars for, especially since the TAMO Racemo’s first digital appearance will be in Forza Horizon 3, following today’s game update for the Car Pack.  Forza’s John Schommer will be showing off the newest vehicles on today’s Beam and Twitch stream, so be sure to check it out to see how they drive.

Source: Forza Team

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