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Geekologist Radio

Geekologist Radio is the brainchild of 4 guys and their love of Nerd
culture. Damian, Chris, Brandon, and Derek come from different parts of
the US, but grew to know each other’s passions through a love of gaming.
This passion spawned conversation that included everything from gaming,
to film/TV, and tech. When the conversations on these subjects became so
regular that it felt like 4 guys were in a bar just bs’ing, that is when
Geekologist Radio was born. Since the early start the show has evolved
into a more direct experience for the listener including audio cues and
a more professional episode layout all made possible by listener
feedback. So come pull up a stool and order a beverage the bars open and
the stories are flowing welcome to Geekologist Radio the place where we
talk all things Geek.


NJOY Over 9000

Team NJOY Over 9000 (FoG Over 9000 in Destiny, Team NJOYOver9k, and Team NJOY for short) is all about gaming with friends at a high level. We are a team of 40 XboxOne IRL friends & gamers from UK, Canada, and Americas that came together through Destiny and the Destiny Community. Of course our team did not stop at Destiny, continued to be active, and support each other through the love of games & just having fun but can also be professional for our sponsors and partners. You could say that we eat up content like bacon. We like to give back in forms of twitch viewer carries & charities to help other gamers and groups. Currently membership to the team is closed. For more information about Team NJOY please visit Tweet us Follow & Watch our streams at 



Mulehorn Gaming

Funny name, serious explosions! We are four gamers, fathers, millennials, beer drinkers, and proponents of the one true solution to all problems… Blow it up! MHG is all about discussing the latest in sci-fi first person shooters and the extended universes they inhabit. Lore, tips, tricks, corporate espionage, Imperial conspiracy theories, buff wrestlers, ohhhhhh yyyyyyyeeeeeeaaah we have it all!

Wade AKA Mulehorn117

When in doubt…blow it up!








XboxDVR is a tribute to Xbox One gamers. Inspired by a personal project for, it quickly became a goal of mine to create a better way of viewing and downloading Xbox One DVR content. It also had to have a great user experience. After the idea took hold, I couldn’t stop until it was complete. Thus was born. Easily find and view your own or other gamers’ videos. Check out awesome stats on each gamer and video. Search or Filter videos by game. There are many more features and improvements in the works. I just had to share this project with the world.

Visit XboxDVR Here!


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