GameStop throwing its hat into the game pass ring with Summer Gaming Pass

GameStop throwing its hat into the game pass ring with Summer Gaming Pass

During GDC, Microsoft revealed a new subscription called Game Pass, which was made available to Alpha Ring Xbox Insiders until April 7 to try out, and Sony recently welcomed PC players to the PlayStation Network.  Streaming and subscription games services are a growing trend, and GameStop seems to be preparing a break-in move and it’s rather interesting.

Courtesy of a thread on NeoGAF, we now know that GameStop recently sent one, and presumably “other Power-up rewards members” as the user put it, a survey asking about gaming expenses during the summer months.  This was apparently followed by “revealing something called the ‘GameStop Summer Gaming Pass'” the user wrote.  Here’s the screenshot that NeoGAF user bigkrev posted along with the above quote.

NeoGAF GameStop Summer Gaming Pass

Bigkrev continues, saying that “[t]he pass would run from June to August, and would allow unlimited swapping of 1 game at a time at any GameStop store.”  The last comment the user makes is the one that differentiates GameStop’s service from Microsoft’s at this point: participants will be able to keep the last game they have out.

The service, as bigkrev writes, “is more expensive than Gamefly” and has “the advantage of no shipping downtimes, allowing you to swap multiple games on the same day if you want.”  GameStop’s Game Pass is rather short for $100, but if you essentially keep a $60 game, you’ll only have paid $40 to play any number of other games.  When or if this service launches and more details come out, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.  Until then, stay tuned to Rectify Gaming for the latest.

Source: NeoGAF

  • Living While Alive

    Not worth it.

    Especially, just for the summer?

    The only way I’ll pay $100 for 2 month is: 1 its digital; 2 I get 2 games.

    100 for one game?

    Think, how many games are you going to play in 2 months?

    Not including, if its a game you want to keep.

    You’re going to put a lot of time into it and if you want to keep it you must hold it for the 2 months or make sure you have the game when the deal is over.

    I hate GameStop!

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